Whist is a classic trick-taking card game which was played widely in the 18th. and 19th. centuries. Early in the 18th. century it was not a fashionable  game and not fit for ladies or people of quality. However by the late 19th. century, elaborate rules had been developed, and it became very popular. In the early 20th. century it started to be displaced by bridge.

Whist, in the shape of public Whist Drives, proved to be  one of the most popular fund raising games/activities/events for most of the local organisations and churches, and is reported in many of the chapters in this history. It still retained a high level of popularity into the 50s, and in the events page in the Express for December 1949 there were seven adverts for whist drives in the Holmfirth UDC namely – Holmbridge Parish Church, Cliffe Sunday School, Choppard’s Church, Hepworth Village Institute, Hade Edge Silver Band, Underbank WMC and Holmbridge Carnival Committee.

I could only find one report of a ” competitive ” whist match . It was played at Netherthong in January 1902 between Victoria Working Man’s Club and our own WMC  and Victoria won by 117 points to 120.