The Roebucks of Moor Lane – detailed Family Tree 1775 to date

A great deal of research and effort has been  put into the following excellent family tree of the Roebuck family from 1775 up to the present.  Because it is very specialised, I have given it a chapter of its own and it is basically word-for-word, including the researcher’s comments, as it was supplied to me by Brenda Quarmby ( nee Roebuck ).


ROGER ROEBUCK            married                           ?

born about 1755? , he lived at Woodnook and was listed as a Clothier. Possible children:- Hannah (christened 21.6.1778) – John  (christened 27.2.1779) – Eli (christened 25.12.1782) – Lydia b.1786 ? Christened in Honley, West Yorkshire.( I am not sure about this person ).


JOHN ROEBUCK Snr.                      married                MARIA ( not known )

 b. 1779. died 2.7.1835 aged 55.                            b.1778. died 14.9.35 aged 57 

 Children:-  John – William b.1809 – Benjamin – Lydia b.1786 ? – Possibly Maria b.1793 – Others not known

 Netherthong Parish Church was completed in 13 March 1829. The children were possibly christened in Honley as they all lived at Wood Nook.

Moorgate, Netherthong was an area on the edge of the moors (hence the name) which included Great Ox Close, Oxley Lane ,Middle Brown Hill, Upper Brown Hill, Lower Ox Close, Moorgate Farm and  probably Sands Farm. John Roebuck and family were shown as living at Wood Nook (near Honley) in 1813. In 1831, he built dwellings at Great Ox Close and these dwellings were tenanted. (I believe this is Ox Lane Farm & the tenants were weavers) He was, we were told, a very wealthy man. John and Maria were buried in Netherthong churchyard. (This grave has a very prominent position at the head of the Church …Large stone box type by vestry door area). William his son married Ann the daughter of Joseph Hirst… (Ann has also been named Oldham ? see belowThis could be where the name of Joseph Hirst was first originated into the Roebuck family. There could also be a connection with a George Hirst (Holmfirth area) who owned Digley Mill in the 1830’s. Bank End Mill next door was tenanted by John and William Roebuck also at this time? The Mill was badly damaged by the great flood in 1852. It is  believed that  John Roebuck handed down his assets to his son William circa 1836?

Moorgate Farm was never owned or tenanted by Roebucks. It was the property of Dyson’s and  still was in 2012


WILLIAM ROEBUCK                          married                      ANN OLDHAM HIRST

  born 21.4.1808,                                                                born

                                            Ann was born Upperthong

 Children:- John  – Emma – Ellen Ann – Maria – Mary – Sarah – Lydia – Joseph H – William E

 William was born at Wood Nook, near. Netherthong, which was later handed down to him from his father John. The Census taken 30.3.1851 shows the family living at Woodnook, 64 acres plus houses and servants. They mainly reared sheep in addition to the usual farm animals.

In 1881, Ann was 73 years old. She was a widow, still lived at Wood Nook, Honley,  farmed  60 acres and employed 4 men.  A marriage certificate was required to ascertain if Ann was HIRST or OLDHAM and who was her father… Joseph Hirst of Wilshaw or William Hirst (b.1785).There was also a George Hirst, Mill owner of Digley Mill. Details of her mother are unknown to date.  All the children were christened at Netherthong Church and William and  Ann were buried in Netherthong churchyard together with John and Maria Roebuck.

When William died he left Woodnook to Joseph and William E and their mother Ann was to live in the cottage. There is evidence that the farm was left to the eldest son John, which was the usual thing to do in those days. He in turn later rented it out to his brothers, Joseph and William Edward (there is an original document showing a rental agreement between these three Roebucks dated  February 1st 1887)  at £69 a year with rent days being May 1st and November 1st.

 John born 21.4.1831 and died Jan 1889?   Farmer’s son born in Netherthong. John was married to Martha Ann born 2.4.1841 and died 11.7.1923 (She was baptized on September 2 1877) and  in 1871 they were shown as Grocers in Thongsbridge. In 1881 they lived at Ox Lane as farmers with children, Annie born c.1874 (Dressmaker) – Edith born c. 1874 (Dressmaker’s assistant) – William born c.1868 (Joiner) – John Herbert born 9.10.1884 (In 1911 he was listed as being a farm manager at Moor Lane, Netherthong) – Fred born 7.8.1878 and died 1.8.1880 – Mary Emma born April 1871 died 31.3.1874, aged 2 yr 11 months – John Charles died at the age of 6 ½ months. All the children were born in Netherthong and in1891 they lived at Ox Lane but by 1901 they had moved to Wood Nook. The 1861 Census shows that Martha Ann was the daughter of Grace and David Roebuck. Grace was born c.1802 and came from Almondbury. David Roebuck was a Manufacturer. Martha had a sister Mary Mellor born c.1844. John possibly died in 1901. Mary Mellor was possibly married in September 1867. As mentioned earlier,  this John, being the eldest son, inherited Wood Nook on the death of his father and on the 1st February 1887 he rented the farm out to his brothers Joseph Hirst and William Edward for £69 yearly rent.

 William Roebuck born 1868 – died 1938 (Son of John Roebuck & Martha Ann above), emigrated to New Zealand and he married Lucy Holmes born1873 – died1938. (They had no children which we know of).  William lived at Wood Nook in 1908 and married Lucy on 1.9.1908 at the United Methodist Church, Moldgreen,Huddersfield. Lucy lived at Brook Street, Moldgreen and her father,  Charles Holmes,  was a corn miller. She worked as a confectioners assistant. Lucy arrived in New Zealand 19.2.1910 and they were farmers there alongside his cousin William Ramsden Roberts.  William and Lucy died within four months of each other in 1938 and were buried  in the Old Hamilton East Cemetery.

Ellen Ann  born 12.8.1834 – died 1903    Farmer’s daughter  born in Netherthong. Possible marriage September 1865 or June 1866 . We think she was christened on 31.8.1834 and she married Richard Roberts born 1829 – died1908 of  Farnley Tyas. They had children Richard Henry,  Sarah, John Richard born 1901 – died1979,  Stanley born1905 – died 1972   and  William Ramsden born 1869 – died 1938 , who married Eleanor Lister born1871 – died1940 and  they had children Vera 1899-1967, Frank 1902-1980 and Norman 1911-1999. Frank married Winifred Hodge born 1916 – died 2006 and they had a child, John Roberts born 1943 in Tauranga New Zealand where he still lives with his wife and family.

 William Ramsden’s  family originally  moved to New Zealand in 1910 on the recommendation of their friends, the Roebucks, who were already there. They made this move after the death of their father Richard Roberts in 1908.

Their sister Sarah had already settled in the USA.( My cousin reckons they knew Roebucks in England who had members already settled in New Zealand and may have provided the incentive).

William Ramsden, Richard Henry (and his wife and 3 children) arrived in NZ on the ‘Arawa’ in June 1910.

William’s wife and their 5 children emigrated 6 months later on the ‘Tainui’ arriving in November 1910. Her daughter, two year old Gertrude, died  when the ship docked at Hobart, Tasmania. William’s wife, Eleanor, was 7 months pregnant at the time so it must have been some trip.

My cousin who lives near Hamilton, New Zealand, found many Roebuck names in her local phone book.

  Mary born 5.1.1838 – died10.9.1875 .  She was a  farmer’s daughter  born in Moorgate, Honley. She married Henry Senior 22.8.1870 in Netherthong and they had three children. Albert Edward  born 5.7.1872 – died 2.10.1923 , he was a butcher/farmer and he married Ellen Horn on 21.5.1894. Reuben born 1874 – died 6.8.1931 in Huddersfield. He was a butcher

Mary Ann  born Nov 1875 – died  ? she married Harold Thomas Raper on 4.6.1903 and her mother, Mary, most probably died at the time of her birth in 1875.

 Henry Senior re-married Betty Hampshire from Upperthong  on 20.11.1877.

 Sarah, born 6 Apr 1840 – died June 1880 , was a farmers daughter and born at Moorgate (Honley). She died in the Huddersfield area. She married Henry Stace Ward born 11.3.1832 – died .March 1908 and  he was a Draper/Manager of a Co-op store. The marriage took place on  8.1.1863 in Netherthong Parish Church and  they had three children. Agnes Ward September 1864,  William Rootsey Ward born Oct 1865- died Aug 1944 (he was an accomplished water colour artist) ,Ada Maria Ward born 1869 – died June 1881 (age 12). Lydia born 1842                      born in Honley. Possible marriage March 1865 .

 William Edward born 6th March 1847 – died 10th February 1895 at the age 49 of a heart attack. Census says he was born in Honley. After his brother Joseph (the Vet) died, he continued with Rachel taking care of the farm at Wood Nook – he had an affair with Rachel and  fathered a son called Harry in 1893 (the mother being Rachel Roebuck (nee Spencer Batty)). Harry married Emma (nee) Beaumont from Hepworth. They lived in Netherthong opposite the Clothiers Arms .William Edward was a farmer and  he did not marry but always lived with Joseph H and  Rachel. William was  buried with his brother Joseph Hirst/Rachel/Arthur in Netherthong graveyard (front of Church-left).

 Joseph H. born 29.4.1844 – died 5.11.1891. He was a Veterinary Surgeon, born in Honley.  There was also another Joseph Hirst Roebuck who died at Deanhouse Workhouse (hospital) 13th October 1895 and  was buried 17th October 1895. Maria was born  July 1836 and  died aged ten months 3rd April 1837 and was buried in Netherthong graveyard. Emma born about  1832/3, died aged 15  on the 2nd April 1848.and was also  buried in the Netherthong graveyard.


JOSEPH HIRST ROEBUCK                    married to               RACHEL SPENCER                                                                                                              BATTY                                  

29 April 1844 – 5th Nov 1891             18.6.1873             b.23.8.1851 – died 17th Dec 1931

Age 47                                                                                 Aged 80

Born in Honley (I think Moorgate Farm)                          Born Hunshelf/Penistone 

Children:- Hirst,  Emma, Arthur,  Benjamin , Mary Ann (Polly) ,Lily, Ada, Lydia, Alice,  Harry ( Harry was born in 1893 with Joseph’s brother, William, being the father ).

Joseph Hirst was baptized at All Saints Church, Netherthong June 18th 1844 (could be May)

The marriage certificate shows that Rachel was a Batty.(but Charlesworth memoirs show her name as Spencer ??). Rachel’s father was Benjamin Batty, a farmer, and the family were from Hunshelf near Penistone . She was born with a squint and died from a stroke . She was married to Joseph Hirst on 18th June 1873 at the Parish Church, Penistone and they lived at Wood Nook farm and  Rachel had ten children. (See note for last one Harry’s father who was William Ed.)

Joseph was a Veterinary Surgeon and lived at Woodnook. When Joseph H died of a heart attack he left Woodnook to his brother William Edward in 1891. Sometime after William Edward died,  Rachel and  her children Mary A,  Lily,  Ada, Alice ,  Harry lived at 78 Alder Street. Huddersfield .St.Andrews ? ( I estimate around 18961901. See 31.3.1901 Census.). Rachel probably moved into the Queens Head Inn around 1901 – 1905 and  then to Cliffe View her newly built house on Thong Lane, Netherthong. Charlesworth memoirs state that BOTH farms were sold (but we only know of Wood Nook) and the spoils were divided between the children. Joseph lived a very busy life as a vet and  seemed happy with the outdoor life.

 ARTHUR was born in Honley on 10th Dec 1876  and died 12th July 1895  He lived at Wood Nook and was buried with his mother and father in Netherthong church yard  at the age of 19. (Louie’s diaries show the death at six weeks old of another Arthur (cot death) -who is the other Arthur ?)

 BENJAMIN    Born 18.11.1878 , died 12.08.1916. Although Benjamin’s name is on the gravestone with his sisters Lily and  Alice in Netherthong Churchyard, he is also listed on the memorial at Villers – Bretonneux Memorial at the Somme in  France where he was allegedly buried with other soldiers.

:Another death was that of Benjamin Roebuck, who was a Private (5178), 16th Battalion, Australian Imperial Force. Born at Netherthong, the son of Joseph Hirst Roebuck and Rachel Roebuck, of Cliff View, Netherthong, Holmfirth, he was educated at Saint Mary’s Church School, Wilshaw. While living at Netherthong he became a teamer, driving a horse drawn wagon for Mr. John Batley; he was a member of the Working Men’s Club and attended All Saint’s Church. He emigrated to Australia around 1910, and soon acquired a farm and an orchard at Harvey, in a farming area in the South Western part of Western Australia. He volunteered at Blackboy Hill, near Harvey, on January 19th 1916, listing his mother, Rachel, as his next of kin, and sailed from Freemantle with reinforcements for the 16th Battalion on March 31st 1916, onboard HMAT A9 Shropshire, stopping at Egypt on the way to the Western Front. He was killed in action on Saturday August 12th 1916, shortly after he had arrived in France. His family received the news of his death on September 2nd; he was thirty-seven years old. There is no known  grave. The 16th Battalion spent the week before his death in attacks in the area around Circular Trench, north of Pozieres, France, also beating off a German counterattack from Mouquet Farm. On the 12th the German artillery bombarded the left of the line, and at 1:30 p.m. the Battalion was relieved, though the Germans shelled them as they moved to the rear. Benjamin Roebuck was either one of the thirty-nine men who were known to have been killed, or one of the nineteen reported missing believed killed in action with the 16th Battalion that day. Many more men were wounded. A letter written shortly before his death arrived in Holmfirth saying he was glad to get away from Egypt, which was a miserable place to live, and that he hoped to visit them at Netherthong before he returned to Australia.

 ALICE  was born on 4.8.1889 and died 18.3.1950 aged 60. She lived at Wood Nook and after an accident, whilst riding her bicycle in Netherthong, her hat pin pierced her brain leaving her brain damaged. Alice was admitted to Storthes Hall Hospital  on 8th January 1913 aged 24 where she remained there until she died aged 60. She was buried in Netherthong church yard with sister Lily and brother Benjamin.

 EMMA   Born 17.1.1875 – died 11th Nov 1945. She was born in Honley and lived at Wood Nook and she had a leg amputated when she was 60 years old.. She married Fred Charlesworth in 1895 . He was born in 1874 and died of pneumonia on 18.11.1918. They had eight children:- Walter 1896, Ben 1898  who died of diptheria in1902, – Harry (Dick) born 1900 (Harry married Nellie Stott),  Helen 1902- died 3.May 1916  of meningitis,  Alice 1906( Alice married Norman ?),  Cora 1908 (Cora married George Dickenson of Farnley Tyas), Mary born 30 Jan 1915 and she was diagnosed with Osteomyilitis at the age of nine,  Louie born 8th May 1916 – died1 December 2009 , she married Ernest Rex Watson on 29 Oct 1938). (This is the family line where the original Roebuck money/land ended up. Great Grandma Rachel being Emma’s mother.)

 HIRST   Born 8,11,1873  Born in Honley at Wood Nook.         

MARY ANN (known as Polly ).   Born in Honley 29.10.1880 – died 13th Nov . She lived at Woodnook  and married Arthur Chambers in 1907. He died fighting in France on 5.4.19 They had a daughter Elsie 23.6.1911 – 21.3.1934 who died from Diptheria. She was a Worsted and Woollen weaver.


LILY   Born 27th January 1883 – died 30th January 1913.  Lived at Wood Nook and she was a tailores and died of a heart attack aged 30. (The Charlesworth bible shows 1887 – 1910). She was buried in Netherthong church yard with her sister Alice and brother Benjamin.

 ADA   Born 10.7.1885. (This lady was quite well heeled ) .She owned properties in and  around Huddersfield and also owned the two front fields at Ox Lane Farm for which a yearly rent was paid. These fields were purchased by Mother and Derek after Dad’s death (JOHN Roebuck) in 1978. She had nieces Lilian and Eveline.

 LYDIA    Born  23.5.1887 and she had children:- Hilda,  Evelyn, Annie and Lilian. Their surname was Woods. She became a nurse at the Huddersfield Royal Infirmary.

 HARRY     Born  22.10.1893. Fathered by William E ( brother of Joseph who had died in 1891.) Harry married Emma Beaumont from Hepworth and they had a son Phillip born18.1.1927 and  they lived in Netherthong. He served in the RAF in 1914 and was buried in Netherthong church yard.

 They all lived at Wood Nook Farm, Honley in 1881 and Woodnook was sold around 1896/7?  Rachel, now a widow and on her own since William died in 1895, was shown as living at 74 Alder Street, Huddersfield as at 31.3.1901. Wood Nook was now shown to be occupied by Martha Ann Roebuck (widow of John ) plus children, she being completely self-sufficient. Somewhere between 1895 – 1905,  Rachel lived in Alder Street, Huddersfield and later bought the Queens Head Pub in Netherthong. (Her life at this point seemed to revolve around her children, Mary Ann (Polly) & Emma). She later had a house built at the top of Thong Lane in Netherthong and named it “Cliffe View”. She moved there in 1905 where she lived until her death. The Queens Head Pub was closed in 1938 See chapter on pubs and inns.  Grandma Rachel was buried with her family at the front area of Netherthong churchyard.

 (19th December 1896: A Mortgage of £500 was taken out from Lloyds Bank, Holmfirth, The document was amongst Dad’s papers.  Too early for him….must have been his Dad HIRST Roebuck. I think this is the purchase of Ox Lane Farm by Hirst Roebuck. Here he worked and  raised his family. We are told that he died owing lots of money).


HIRST ROEBUCK                          married                    HANNAH ANN SENIOR

Born 8.11.1873 –  Died 15 Nov 1946       1895                     Born 1871 Died Dec 1934

Age 73 Census RG11/4369                                           Age 63 Census RG/11/4369

Born at Wood Nook/Honley                                          ANN born Deanhouse           

 Children: Herbert,  John, Arthur,  Emily,  Amy,  Joe,  Lydia , Mary Emma  and Marion

 They were married at Netherthong Parish Church on the 16th October 1895 in the presence of Joseph Hirst Roebuck (yeoman) and Ben Senior (Dyer). (No known photos.) Grandad Hirst was well known for his long red beard which later turned white and although he was a hard worker, I am told he was also a heavy drinker.  His mother, Rachel Roebuck ,owned and ran the Queens Head Pub in Netherthong where he was to be found frequently. He was always borrowing money from his mother, which was lent on IOU’s but never paid back. They lived at Wood Nook Farm and he later bought Ox Lane Farm,  Moor Lane, Netherthong, Holmfirth.and had nine children. Hirst Roebuck died in Deanhouse Hospital aged 73 and was buried December 18th 1946.  Grandma Hannah Ann was buried on  December 26th 1934 aged 63.They were buried in Netherthong Parish Church graveyard (bottom end right side No: M74, which is approximately half way down and  five rows in from the path .(Behind Mam/Dad’s plot). Hannah Ann was taken ill at the funeral of baby Jean Howells (her granddaughter, with a stroke and later died from heart related symptoms. (This appears to be the only Roebuck grave NOT marked with a headstone !!!!)

Hirst was apparently the black sheep of the family. He bought Ox Lane Farm with his legacy money and  help from his mother and Uncle William. He had at one time 12 men working for him on the farm and, come Friday evening, they would all go to the pub (probably the Queens Head) for a drink and  he wouldn’t pay out their wages until going home time from the pub. This was so they took their wages home to the family and didn’t spend it on drink. Although he was a great drinker himself he always provided for his family first. There would be a gathering of the family on Saturday nights in Victoria Street, Holmfirth, where HIRST would always buy a large joint of meat from the butchers there ( we know it now as Howarths green grocers) to take home for Sunday dinner. He was also involved greatly in carting ganister from the quarry to build stables in Meltham (this is where the White Swan pub is). (Always borrowing money from his Mother as we know BUT it seems to me that he also had many good qualities and was very much a family man at heart).

Hirst and Hannah Ann used to make their own butter, a tradition which had been handed down many generations. ( I remember helping my Dad, John, to make butter and little pats were made for the children). When Hannah Ann died, her daughter Marion took over the care of the family and granddaughter Hannah would scrub the kitchen floor every Friday with a reward of 6d. (sixpence). Uncle Arthur said that Grandad Hirst spent all his money (after feeding his family) in one of the pubs in Meltham, either The Swan or the Waggon & Horses. He would buy everyone in the pub drinks until there was no money left, returning the next week to do the same thing.

 (As a child, I remember the Roebuck family used to gather at Ox Lane for Christmas Day tea, a tradition which continued well into my later childhood. All the Aunties and Uncles would sit round the large round oak table which usually needed two sittings, and we children got what was left over.)

 HIRST Roebuck bought Ox Lane Farm about1895/6 (I am not sure of this date/year ), after his father Joseph H died. He used his own money plus some from his Uncle William E and help from his Mother, Rachel. He left Ox Lane Farm and all his debts to his son JOHN Roebuck.

 HERBERT born in Wilshaw on 30.12.1900 and died 29.3.1985. He  married  Aggie Aspinall from Totties on 12.7.1924 . She was born in Scholes in1901 and died on 3.10.1979 . They had 3 children, Kenneth ,Eileen and Rita. Uncle Herbert lost an arm at his workplace and wore a  prosthesis. He worked on the Railways at Brockholes

Kenneth Roebuck, born 27 June 1925 was a Fireman at Holmfirth Fire Station.  Eileen  was born1.5.1929  at Larchouse,Scholes and died on 30.8.2006 from cancer and was cremated 6.9.2006.She had been a hairdresser and married Eric Pearson ,born 26.1.1924, in Wooldale at Holmfirth Parish Church on 4.6.1949. They had one son, Michael born 21.11.1949 ,who was married twice and  he had two daughters,  Zoe and  ? . Rita, born 11.5.1936 at Larchhouse, was  married on the 14.6.1958 to Keith Pearson born19.3.1933 at the Parish Church,Holmfirth. Keith died about May 2009 and  they had two children, Gillian born 15.6.1959 and  Richard born 8.12.1961.(Richard married Elaine born11.3.63)

Kenneth married Audrey Hill who was born on 1 July 1926 and  died July 21st 2006 (she was buried in Upperthong 28.7.06) .They lived behind the Civic Hall,Holmfirth and  had three children: Susan Gail 25.3.1950,  Ian Phillip 18.3.1953 and John Leslie 8.7.1959.

Susan Gail married Patrick Thorpe and  they had four children. Victoria Edwina born 3.10.73 married  Daniel Hargreaves on 7.7.2001 and they have a son Thomas Patrick b.11.9.2005.  Elizabeth Rowena born 6.11.74 married John Miles on 11.7.2004.  Katherine Lucy born 16.10.76 married Paul Skelton on 1.8.2003 and they have a son Finlay James born 9.12.2005.  Alexandra Mary born 11.2.79 married Paul Kennedy in Gretna Green (now divorced).

 Ian Phillip died in Lanzarote by a freak wave which took him out to sea and  drowned him on 18.1.1999. He was married to Sandra Wyke born 5.5.1955 at St.Johns, Holmfirth on the 21.6.1975. They have two children. Melanie Dawn born 10.9.1976 and Christopher James born 17.6.1982.  Melanie married Simon Wilkinson born 6.10.1976 at St.Johns, Holmfirth on the 15.7.2000 and they have two children. Dylan Luke born 5.7.2002 and  Emily Grace born 15.4.2005. Christopher married ? in September 2009.

 John Leslie  married Kathryn Ann Booth born 16.10.1957 at Holmfirth Parish Church on 20.9.1980.They had a child, Matthew James born 27.11.1995.

 ARTHUR  was born 24th June 1905 and he died on 13th April 1985  from prostate cancer. He married  Edith Rothery (aka  Eadie?), born 8th August 1904 and died 29th August 1972 . They had three children – Evelyn  born 14th August 1928 (who married an Alfred Oldham on 30th August 1952 and he died 13th January 2010 from a pancreatic tumour. A daughter born about 1938, who only lived three days and was buried in Netherthong church yard. David was born on 14th August 1942 and  he married Brenda Senior, born 1.5.1943,  on the 29th October 1966. Evelyn was a hairdresser at a shop next door to Uncle Alf’s Barbers on Mill Moor Road, Meltham. She  lived with and took care of  Auntie Lydia in Mill Moor Road, Meltham until Aunty Lydia  died aged 99.5 yrs. In 1928 the family lived at Sands Farm, Moor Lane, Netherthong, later moving to Upperthong, Arden in Bingley, Gloucester and later Hoyland Swaine. Uncle Arthur was a farm manager.

 Evelyn’s children: Melvyn Edward, born31.3.1960,  was married to ??? and lived for some time in France. Anthony Arthur born18.5.1964 (He was adopted 21.1.1969) . Christopher David born 28.3.1969 who works in the Entertainment Industry. He was married to Mandy ? (divorced) and they had a daughter Gemma.

 David’s children: Diane was born 24.11.1967 and married  Yogesh Shah, born 1960, in Nairobi. They have two children, Rianna born 1997and Kiran born 2002,  Gary born 30.3.1971 married Julie Fish,born 1974 & had children.  Vicky born 1991  married Simone Magowan, born 1978 & had three children. Alex born1978, Adam born 2005 and Glyn born 4.10.1974 who married  Rebecca Marsden, born1978. They have three children, Tyler born1997,  Charlie born1998 and Hayden born2004. David lives in the Hoyland Swaine area.

JOSEPH E  was born in Wishaw about 1898 and christened in Netherthong Parish Church. Originally a farmhand he later moved to York (possibly Spicklegate)  and  married Laura ? Two children, Mary and Louie. No further info.

 LYDIA ANN   born 28th July 1908 and died 26th July 2007. She was married in 1929 at Netherthong Parish Church to Alf Howells (barber on Mill Moor Road,  Meltham, where they also lived at No 22).Lydia died peacefully in her sleep on 26th November 2007 and her ashes are buried with her family in Meltham Parish Church. They had a daughter, Jean who died 22 December 1934 of leukaemia aged 18 months. Jean, Alf and  Lydia are buried in the churchyard of the Parish Church, Meltham.

 AMY, born 6.8.1903 and  died 20.10.1980 , married  Arthur Dawson  and had two children. Phillip, born1933 , married Nina Glover born 1934. Phillip was in the British Army from 1951-1953. Sheilla born 22.6.1927 and  died in 2010? She  married Selwyn Ibbottson of Selwyn’s Taxis in Honley but divorced him and  later married Willie Thompson. Amy re-married Arthur Jones. Auntie Amy was a Medium and was last known to live in Lockwood Huddersfield/Netherton Road in(a big corner house. Sheilla had tqo  step sons, Michael and Richard Thompson.

 Phillip’s seven children were : Janice born 1954,  Kevin born 1957,  Carol born 1958, – Andrew born 1960,  Sharon born 1962,  Mark born 1964  and Valerie born 1952. Janice married Peter Wills and they had a daughter, Rebecca, born 1989. Kevin married Jane Boyes. Carol married Roger Clegg and they had a daughter Laura Clegg, born 1983.  Carol divorced and  later married Andrew Lyman and they had a son Tomas Lyman born in 1990. Andrew married Joanne Weedon and they had two children Antony, born 1985, and  Bethany, born 1988. Mark married Margaret Carrol and they have a son Charlie born 2005. Sharon was born a spastic and  has always lived at home but does manage to work Valerie died when she was about one year old.

 EMILY was  born on 5.4.1899 in Wilshaw ( Wood Nook ) and died in 1984. She was married to William Pollard, born 1891 and died1957, and together they first lived in the middle cottage at Ox Lane Farm circa 1923 – 1940. From there they lived in and  ran Honley Labour Club and later still moved to Leamington Spa, They had two children, Hannah born 6.9.1923 (Hannah was in the British Army 1941-1945 ) and she married Frederick Watkins, (born18.5.1919  died 17.11.1985), in Huddersfield on 2.12.1946.  Hannah was last known to be living in Leamington Spa. Joan, born 29 July1921 and who died 5 September 1989,  married Robert J. Russell, (born 16 March 1922) , in Romford about 1945 and her ashes are buried in a top field at Ox Lane Farm. Emily was cremated in Leamington Spa and  William was cremated in Leeds.

Hannah’s four children were :  Jacqueline,  Edward,  Christine  and Josephine.

Jacqueline Beatrice born 30.5.1947 married David Evetts on 7.10.1967. Their  children were :Theresa ,born 8.9.1968,  married Christopher Mark Pemble on 5.8.1989 and their two  children were:  Liam Christopher David born 11.7.1992 and Callum Christopher Eric born 11.7.1995.  Ian David born 29.7.1972  and married Sheron Peta Towe on 4.8.2001 . Their  children were,  Joel Ian born 22.4.2001 and Stevie Lee Christina born 25.7.2004. Edward Alan born 12.5 1950. Christine Anne born 21.7.1953 married Peter Harrop (30.11.1985): Their  children were : Arron,  Jason (partner Patricia Sisk,child Kian Sisk Harrop),  Michelle born 4.9.1985 and Luke Edward born 25.11.1988. Josephine Mary born 22.1.1957 married Peter Burden born1957 on 7.10.1985.Two children ,Adam born 30.4.1986 and Daniel born 6.7. 1988.

 Joan and Robert James Russell’s children: Jean Priscilla born 23.7.1946, Christopher Peter born 6.8.1947 and Anthony Leonard born17.8.1948. Jean Priscilla married ? and had four children: Jonathan,  Robin,  Martin and  Stephanie. Christopher Peter married ? and had two  children Bruno and Danielle.

 MARY EMMA  was born in Netherthong about 1896 and died1919.  In 1911 she boarded with Coldwell (Butchers of Wilshaw) and worked as an errand girl at a Cotton Mill. She died of Cancer and  had a daughter named Hilda born 22.6.1920 and died 29 Sept 1995.  (Mary Emma is probably  buried in the churchyard at Wilshaw). Hilda’s father was called Bill Saunders and  she was born out of wedlock whilst he was in the Army. Although Mary Emma and  Bill were later married, Hilda was brought up as one of the Roebuck sisters and lived in the cottage at Ox Lane Farm before moving to Honley about 1947. She married Douglas Baker, born3.12.1916, from Meltham who died in Helme Nursing Home in 1999/2000 and  she died peacefully at her home in Roundhay, Honley of a heart attack. She was cremated at Huddersfield Crematorium on 29.9.1995. They had a daughter Patricia, born 5.5.1943, who married Geoff Haigh, born19.12.1939, from Holmfirth. . Pat and Jeff had a son Jonathan Haigh born 2.6.1971. (Last known address of Patricia is Scarcroft/Wetherby).

 MARION , born circa 1917 and died ??,   married  John Lumb and  they lived in the Barnsley District. They had two children Barry and Keith. Barry died at the age of 12 years of tuberculosis. Keith Lumb married a Sandra ?. He left home  after his brother died and was cared for by a Mr & Mrs Carr. They all lived in Wombwell near Barnsley. The friendship between Marion and Mam (Connie) introduced her to my dad John. She was a gentle lady always with a smile. Keith maybe lives in Harley, Rotherham or Barnsley area (2007) and  has two children.


JOHN  ROEBUCK                      married                     CONSTANCE  DUNSTAN

29.12.1910 – Sept 1978               1940                      21.9.1917 – 13.11.2004

Age 67                                                                Age 87


JOHN  – Born on 29th December 1910 and married Constance Dunstan of Alma Cottage,Meltham on February 17th 1940 at Helme Parish Church in the presence of James William, Arthur Dunstan and Elsie Heywood (Mam’s best friend). Constance was born on 21.9.1917 at 105 Burnaby Street, Sheffield. Her mother was Mabel Dunstan but she was brought up by her grandparents, Arthur J.Dunstan and Helen Dunstan (nee Ward) in Meltham.

 Children: Derek,Brenda,Keith,Edward,Stephenand Michael.They all attended Netherthong Primary School.

 They all lived at Ox Lane Farm, Moor Lane, Netherthong.  John died aged 67 yrs in 1978 and was buried with his son Edward in Netherthong Parish graveyard .(Grave No 451 or H51). He inherited Ox Lane Farm from his father HIRST Roebuck and later handed it down to his sons Derek and Keith Roebuck.

Dad – John Roebuck purchased the adjacent land and  buildings known as Brownhill Farm in 1958.Keith Roebuck owns and lives there. (The Deeds for Ox Lane Farm were transferred to Dad in 1971 and should be held at the Solicitors).

All the usual traditions were carried on at Ox Lane Farm, the making of butter and Dad would also make a little pat for me ,the delivery of milk with the horse and cart where people would bring out their jugs,  the Christmas Day tea when all the Roebuck family would gather. Dad worked hard, as did Mam, but Dad, like his father before him, was quite a heavy drinker at weekends. Sometimes we didn’t see him from Friday night until Sunday night and we had to get Jim Horncastle to come to milk the cows. On the surface Dad was a very hard man, but I believe he was quite soft inside somewhere. His favourite song was “Danny Boy” and his favourite flowers were carnations.

 CONSTANCE  born 21.9. 1917 and died13.11.2004.She had a stroke in May  2003 and ended up in a Nursing Home at Helme Parish (not far from where she lived with her Grandparents until getting married to John Roebuck on February 17th 1940.) She died aged 87 years and was buried in Netherthong Parish graveyard (grave no: 451 or H51). Her mother was Mabel Dunstan but her father was never known. She had a younger sister, May, who died in 1977? of an overdose. (May had a brain tumour which she knew about because she had been a SRN). She was a very hard working lady ever true to her duty as a mother and wife and always on the side of the under dog  Her raport with animals (especially dogs) was amazing.

 DEREK was  born 27.7.1941  at Elm Wood Hospital,Holmfirth due to slight complications at birth (stuck).  Lives at Ox Lane Farm, Netherthong. He  never married and was left 50% of Ox Lane Farm/Brownhill Farm in his father’s (John) will.

 JOHN KEITH was born on 13.3.1944 at Ox Lane Farm.  He married Kathleen Gash on May 22 1970 and was later divorced. His children were : Anna Marie born 24.1.1972 at Princess Royal, Huddersfield and  Brian Keith. Brian was born 13th August 1974 at Holme Valley Memorial Hospital but he died two years later of a brain tumor  and was buried in Netherthong graveyard in Grave 451/H51. Marie married Peter Marcus Lloyd (born 27 Oct 1965) on 6th March 1999 at Huddersfield Registry Office and  they have a son Richard John born 15.11.1999 at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary. They are currently living in Linthwaite Nr Huddersfield. Keith was willed 50% of Ox Lane Farm/Brownhill Farm by father (John).

 STEPHEN 5.8.49  was born at Ox Lane Farm on 5.8.49. He ran away to Gretna Green with his girlfriend, Cathy Barkham, but they were caught and  brought back home where they lived together and had three children, Stevie ( Stephen John ),  Sharon and Shaun.  Stevie born 23 March1970 married Lisa O’Brien from Ireland but later divorced. They had three children, Stephen Christopher born 6th March 1991 in Ireland,  John Michael born 14th August 1992 in UK and Gypsy Lee born 7th February 2000 in UK. In 2006 Stevie  lives in thecottage at Ox Lane Farm. Shaun Dylon born ?   is married and lives in Blackpool? There are 2 children, Conner born 12th October 1998 and a baby girl born ??. Sharon Michelle  born12th August 1971 has 2 children but is not married.  Lewis Raymond born 27th December 2003 and Katie Michelle born 26th November 2005. Stephen now lives with his partner Shirley (nee Barkham) in Rastrick Brighouse.

 JAMES EDWARD was born at Ox Lane Farm on 21.9.1945 . He was  drowned in the Old Mill dam at Moor Lane aged six years  on September 13th 1952. and was buried in Netherthong graveyard on September 17th 1952 in Grave No 451 (or H51) with Brian Roebuck (Age two years) and Mam & Dad. ( details of the accident are in the Roebuck chapter ).

 MICHAEL –   Michael was born at Princess Royal Maternity Hospital in Huddersfield on 17.8.57. In 2006 he lives with Lynne Cooper, born 1966, in Marsden and  they have four  beautiful blonde daughters named: Zoe born1992,  Amy born1993,  Jodie born1995 and Chloe born1999 (Chloe was severely brain damaged at birth). Michael also has a son called Shane Cooper born 1987. Shane is married to Charlene Dixon born1989 and  they have two children, Cody born 2010 and  Casey born 2006.

 BRENDA                married                         ALAN  QUARMBY

20.1.1943             5.10.1963                           24. 9.1945

 BRENDA was born at Ox Lane Farm on 20.1.43 and married Alan Quarmby of Armitage Bridge,Huddersfield on 5th October 1963 at Wilshaw Parish Church. She was divorced on  29.12.1978 and had one son, Simon Hirst Quarmby born 27.11.1965.  She later lived with one Stephen Angell until 1994 (son of Hilda and George Angell of Rawmarsh, Rotherham) and  they were co-founders of the Entertainment Agency, Angle Entertainments in about 1977 They had one son, Shaun S.Angell born15.5.1973. Brenda lived firstly at 37, Golcar Brow Road.Meltham, followed by a short spell at RAF Finningley and then for 27 years at Rose Cottage,High Street,Braithwell,near Rotherham. She aas an Entertainment Agent and retired in 2002 and now lives at 10, Broom Close,Tickhill,Doncaster. ( She never re-married !!!).

 SIMON HIRST was born 27.11.65 in St.Lukes Hospital, Huddersfield and was the son of Brenda and  Alan Quarmby, who later divorced in 29.12.78. He is married to Claire Goodgrove with three daughters, Hayley born 16.10.92 and Mya born 15.6.99. Shannon was lost at birth on 26.11.1997.  They live in Braithwell near Rotherham. Simon and  Claire were married at Maltby Parish Church on 14th September 1991,  divorced and  later re-married each other on 15th July 2000 at Braithwell Parish Church. Simon is an Entertainment Agent/Promoter and became President of the Agents’ Association of Great Britain in 2011..

 HAYLEY DANIELLE born 16.10.1992  Academically clever and went to Maltby Academy and Wickersley College.He started at Leeds University in 2011 studying Mathematics.

 SHANNON born 26.11.1997 and died the same day.26.11.1997  He is buried in Braithwell churchyard, South Yorkshire.

 MYA PAIGE born 15.6.1999  She is a very good Gymnast ,is good at School ( Malrby Hill Top Jnr./ Maltby Academy)  and  has the makings of being a model !!!

 SHAUN STVAN   born 15.5.73 Son of Brenda Quarmby and  Stephen Angell. He married Victoria Butcher, born 10.4.1972, in the Dominican Republic on 21 September .1998 and they have a son, Samuel, born 16th April 2002 in Rotherham District Hospital. They live in Maltby, near.Rotherham. Shaun is a brilliant golfer and wins many national competitions. He was in the British Army (Sphinx Troop 59 (Asten) Bty 1st Royal Artillery 1993 – 1997). He now works as an Entertainment Agent for Angle Entertainments (an Agency set up by his Mother Brenda & Father Stephen  c.1977)

 SAMUEL born16.4.2002   He is a good scholar, practising golfer and footballer and is   to his X-Box. Also a practising footballer. He moved to Maltby Academy 2012 from Maltby Hilltop Junior School.

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