Deanhouse Workhouse- National Census 1891

I have just completed listing the details of the 1891 Census for Netherthong and Deanhouse and it seems appropriate to give a separate chapter for the census of the Deanhouse Workhouse for the same year. The  full details of the history of the Workhouse from the beginning in 1864  to the end in 1968 are covered in specific chapters in this history.

The census included  the staff responsible for the running of the Workhouse plus details on all the inmates. These inmates, regardless of sex, were all classified as paupers. Their details included full name, marital status, age, previous occupation and place of birth. Ten of the females were classified as Imbeciles and I have indicated this by putting an Imb in their marital status column. Thirteen of the men were also classified as imbeciles and, in addition, two were further classified as Idiots. Three of the inmates were blind.

John Beastie was the Master  and he was married , aged 42, and  born in Birkenhead. His wife Annie, also aged 42, was the Matron and came from West Derby. They had a son, Archie, who was 10 years old and born in Lockwood. Edith Grant, aged 17, was their step-daughter and acted as assistant matron. She was also born in Lockwood.. Elizabeth Lillie was listed as an officer and fulfilled the role of nurse. She was single, aged 32, and came from Broughton. The last listed staff member was Jane French who was single, aged 33, and came from Crook. She was the laundress.

Name Status Age Occupation Place of Birth
Emma Briggs s Imb 46 Huddersfield
Elizabeth Bates s Imb 46 servant Netherthong
Sarah Gill s Imb 25 winder Kirkburton
Elizabeth Gill s Imb 30 twister Netherthong
Sophie Hawksworth s Imb 40 Holmfirth
Amanda Jenkinson s Imb 56 housekeeper Thurstonland
Ellen Kelly s Imb 47 servant Thurstonland
Harriet Lee s Imb 43 Huddersfield
Ann Mossley s Imb 29 millhand HolmeBridge
Mary Sykes s Imb 58 Honley
Nancy Thomas s 55 Kirkheaton
Mary Heaps w 72 seamstress Ireland
Hannah Haye w 76 Oxford
Mary Bridgeworth m 57 Ireland
Sarah Scorsdill s 73 servant Lincoln
Ann Earnshaw w 82 Leeds
Mary Fielding w 64 servant Honley
Sarah Holroyd w 64 Huddersfield
Sarah Wood s 44 charwoman Holme Bridge
Sarah Wagstaff s 62 feeder Holmfirth
Jane Ferguson m 52 charwoman Wales
Annie Pooley s 50 Ireland
Isabella Anctill w 79 servant Scotland
Mary Brindle w blind 65 hawker Bradford
Sarah Brook s 62 examiner Meltham
Ann Collins s 49 housekeeper Holmfirth
Mary Charlesworth w 81 Lindley
Ruth Dawson s 39 millhand Lockwood
Martha Froget m 68 Meltham
Rhoda Gyte w 87 Lincolnshire
Mary Hinton w 69 Kidderminster
Sally Hinchliff s 37 millhand Meltham
Hannah Hoyle s 66 charwoman Slaithwaite
Jane Hall w 68 Derbyshire
Julia Hilly w 82 retired hawker Ireland
Betty Moorhouse s 69 servant Thurstonland
Harriet Milner m 78 Lockwood
Bridget Quinn w 66 Ireland
Caroline Ramsden s 46 charwoman Huddersfield
Harriet Smith s 70 Kirkburton
Ruth Taylor s 47 Huddersfield
Jane Taylor w 81 Flockton
Hannah Turner w 53 servant Shepley
Mary Wood s 64 winder Cumberworth
Martha Woodhead w 72 Lancashire
Sarah Wadsworth w 83 Lindley
Jane Gledhill m 49 Golcar
Jane Godley s 42 Paddock
Hannah Holroyd w 70 Huddersfield
Anne Leonard s 80 servant Huddersfield
Maria Marshall w 62 Halifax
Ellen Henry s 72 servant Nova Scotia
Mary Wadsworth w 57 Ireland
Hannah Bowker w 70 Huddersfield
Elizabeth Haigh s 61 weaver Shelley
Allan Barber s Imb 66 weaver Fulstone
Arthur Collins s idiot 31 Thurstonland
William Carver w 67 weaver Netherthong
John Gallaher s idiot 33 Huddersfield
Charles Garlick s Imb 45 millhand Kirkburton
John Haigh s Imb 31 labourer Lockwood
Joseph Hinchliff s Imb 60 labourer Holmfirth
Albert Hepworth s Imb 26 finisher Holmfirth
William Kaye s Imb 32 piecer Crosland
Doctor Littlewood s Imb 53 labourer Crosland
Michael McGuire m Imb 62 mason Ireland
Isaac Sanderson s Imb 50 labourer Dalton
Nathaniel Stockwell s Imb 62 spinner Honley
George Sykes s Imb 55 labourer Linthwaite
Alfred Wimpenny s Imb 50 donkey driver Netherthong
James Ambler w 67 slubber Halifax
William Armitage s 57 Sheffield
John Abrams w 82 hawker India Calcutta
Matthew Booth m 68 labourer Paddock
Adam Bell w 90 farmer Scotland
George Bennett w 67 weaver Holme Bridge
James Beevers s 67 cart driver Penistone
Joseph Beevers w 73 weaver Hepworth
John Bray s 67 coal miner Honley
Henry Bingham w 61 painter Yorkshire
George Bray s 66 labourer Holmfirth
Henry Bartlett s 44 coal miner Somerset
John Booth s 29 piecer Kirkburton
Dan Brown m 59 boatman Liverpool
Joshua Bamforth w 51 painter Slaithwaite
Herbert Brook s 32 schoolmaster Honley
George Barber s 68 weaver Kirkburton
Joseph Battye s 62 coal miner Cumberworth
Charles Battye m 61 painter Holmfirth
Joseph Bradley s 56 spinner Honley
Elihu Barden w 69 weaver Shepley
William Beaumont s 49 hawker Huddersfield
Jabez Boothroyd s 51 weaver Huddersfield
Henry Chapman w 73 cart driver Scammonden
Fred Cheetham s 70 finisher Huddersfield
Daniel Carter s 70 weaver Slaithwaite
Thomas Coulon w 79 labourer Ireland
Alan Cartwright s 71 coal miner Kirkburton
Michael Conlon w 79 labourer Ireland
Charles Duncan w 80 labourer India Madras
Patrick Drury m 75 labourer Ireland
John Dodson w 77 dyer Farnley Tyas
Martin Dunn m 67 labourer Ireland
Henry Dollive w 62 plasterer Almondbury
Richard Edwards s 82 weaver Huddersfield
Joseph Eastwood w 72 weaver Golcar
Henry Exley w 68 labourer Holmfirth
John Ellis s 75 weaver Kirkheaton
John Ellis s 65 hawker Bradley
L.Ellis s 35 hawker Kirkburton
Matthew Fretwell s 57 finisher Skelmanthorpe
Joseph Fitton w 72 fuller Almondbury
Thomas Foulkes w 57 carrier Lancashire
James Gill s 67 blacksmith Huddersfield
Joseph Gledhill m 66 spinner Netherthong
Joshua Garlick s 68 weaver Holme Bridge
John Hirst s 65 ostler Huddersfield
Nathan harrison s 62 labourer Lockwood
Abraham Mellor w 84 weaver Lepton
John Hinchliff s 72 weaver Almondbury
Edmund Hardy s 61 labourer Thurstonland
John Haigh m 79 finisher Almondbury
Allan Haigh m 60 spinner Honley
James Haigh m 73 cab driver Huddersfield
Ben.Hollingsworth m 65 barman Upperthong
Thomas Harrison w 78 farmer Crosland
Henry Hellawell w 75 shoemaker Kirkburton
Joseph Hirst m 71 weaver Kirkburton
Joseph Jagger s 66 dresser Huddersfield
Joseph Kirshaw s blind 53 weaver Shelley
Ben Kilner w 65 weaver Shelley
Michael Kenny w 74 labourer Ireland
Henry Kaye w 68 labourer Holme
Luke Lockwood s 79 Denby Dale
James Lockwood s 66 labourer Saddleworth
George Lumb w 78 labourer Marsden
Dan Marsden s 66 weaver Hepworth
Samuel Moorhouse s 57 dyer Holmfirth
John Moss w 66 miller Honley
David Mossley s 84 chandler Shelley
William Mosely w 68 weaver Shelley
David Meek s 55 coal miner Lindley
Thomas May w 70 labourer Meltham
John Meller s 79 barber Kirkburton
Ben McDermott s 29 slater Holmfirth
John Merrick w 61 Ireland
John Mellor s 22 printer Kirkheaton
Thomas Newton w blind 74 labourer Monmouthshire
Charles North m 73 weaver Almondbury
William Oldfield w 75 weaver Almondbury
John Oldfield w 80 weaver Lancashire
James Pogson w 68 weaver Lancashire
William Parkin w 67 fitter Lancashire
Joe Quarmby s 67 canal boatman Linthwaite
John Robinson w 71 finisher Lockwood
John Roland s 72 clerk Kirkburton
John Robinson w 60 labourer Shepley
Samuel Roberts s blind 40 unknown
Thomas Storry w 76 labourer Derbyshire
Joseph Sykes w 81 weaver Scammonden
William Sutcliffe w 82 Farnley Tyas
George Singleton m 71 weaver Golcar
William Sixsmith s 70 carter Lancashire
William Shaw s 49 fitter Linthwaite
Joseph Sykes s 53 hawker Almondbury
Charles Sykes m 62 blacksmith Kirkheaton
John Scholfield s 41 finisher Honley
Ben Steward m 37 fettler Honley
Jonathan Thewlis s 78 weaver Holmfirth
Alfred Taylor s 48 labourer Meltham
John Turton w 75 weaver Cumberworth
George Taylor m 49 mason Saddleworth
William Turner s 58 porter Huddersfield
William Wilson w 69 labourer Lancashire
Joseph Wood w 70 dresser Huddersfield
John Wilson w 76 gtinder Leeds
William Walker w 77 coal dealer Huddersfield
John Wainwright w 71 weaver Shepley
William Wilson w 77 blacksmith Westmorland
Charles Wood w 78 weaver Holmfirth
Benjamin Woodhead s 71 woodman Netherthong
Charles Wood s 79 labourer Kirkburton
Joseph Wood w 88 dresser Huddersfield
William Swallow s 58 labourer Kirkburton
George Quarmby s 50 fettler Linthwaite
Joseph Siswick s 71 coal miner Honley
Mary Ann McHugh m 32 Holmfirth
William Whitehead s 71 tailor Tadcaster
William Price w 50 hawker Newcastle
Bill Liley w 83 Shelley
Richard Crawshaw s 66 pitman Mirfield

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