Very old photographs of Netherthong.

The first four photographs are from Mr. M.Ellis .They were originally postcards and he very kindly reproduced them and sent me these copies. They are .

1. Coronation -Netherthong – June 22nd. 1911 probably taken outside the Parish Church?

2. Peace Celebration – Nether Thong – July 16th. 1919. Could this have been taken at Deanhouse Workhouse.?

3. A small group of ” Indians ” – “blacked -up” and in costume. Could these be local people appearing in a play or musical.? Probably circa 1910s  and could have been taken inside the Parish Church?

4. A much larger group of actors and actresses including the eleven ” blacked – up” from the above photograph. What sort of play would incorporate such a diverse range of characters?

I have also inserted the photographs in the appropriate chapters in this history.

Coronation June 22 1911
June 22 1911


Peace Celebration July 26 1919
Peace Celebration
July 26 1919


Small group " blacked - up "
Small group
” blacked – up “
Lrge group of villagers in costume for a play?
Lrge group of villagers in costume for a play?

 In 2016 Judith Wobst sent me the photograph below. It shows a group of Old Folks outside the Parish Church and is marked on the back 1898. She says that Emma Wimpenny, 4th. person in 2nd. row, was her great,great grandmother.

Old Folks of Netherthong 1898 outside church.
Old Folks of Netherthong 1898 outside church.



This very old postcard, late 1920s, is of one of the famous char-a-bancs, full of people on a day out, and could have been taken in either Netherthong or Brockholes. The ‘centre-gentleman’ with his elbow on the side and wearing a flat cap is George Wood ( his parents ran a pub in Netherthong ). Next to him is Amy Beaumont from Hagg who became his wife. In the front row the gentleman in a flat cap could be Frank Wood. The photograph of charabanc  below is from the late 1940s .


The photograph of the charabanc below is dated circa 1930s and the lady in the front with her arm on the sill is Louie Watson, nee Charlesworth, and next to her is her brother.



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