Deanhouse Workhouse National Census 1871

The first inmates  to the Workhouse were admitted in September 1862 so the 1871 National Census was the first opportunity to formally record their details.. As per any census, those details included status ( M = married, s= single or w= widow ), age, occupation, if any, and place of birth. It reported any disabilities, Idiot, Lunatic or Blind. Apart from the first three names heading the list, the Master, Matron and Nurse, all the rest of the inmates were registered as paupers. What I’ve yet to find out on this census and subsequent ones I have listed in my History is where all the rest of the staff, nurses, helpers, cooks etc were when the census was taken.

If you read my chapter on the start of the Workhouse in Deanhouse you will see a paragraph about  the concern of the local inhabitants. One can understand why, when out of the 202 inmates in the first census, only two were from Netherthong, Hannah Booth and Benjamin Gill, whilst eight were from Ireland. To save you counting  22 are registered as Idiots, two as Lunatics and two as blind. There are also 45 children aged from a few months to 18 years and, when they were over five years old, they were classed as scholars.

If you want to read more about the early Workhouses, then I can recommend, Workhouse – The People – The Places – The Life Behind Doors by Simon Fowler. Published 2007. ISBN 978 1 905615 03 2.  Quite disturbing in parts – actually lots of parts.  

Name Status Age Occupation Place of Birth
James Wood M 48 Master Cheshire
Emma Wood wife 38 matron Lancashire
Mary Nettleton Widow 52 nurse Leeds
Fred Cheetham s 30 tenter Yorkshire
John Higgins Widow 75 farm servant Pontefract
Wm.Johnson s 65 waever Meltham
Nancy Godley s 28 servant Huddersfield
Mary malther s Idiot 58 Huddersfield
Mary Rawson s 52 housekeeper Lancashire
Wm. Rawson 8 scholar Huddersfield
Abel Teedale s 35 tenter Huddersfield
Mary Hirst s Idiot 42 Huddersfield
Hannah Lindley s 50 servant Wooldale
Emma Baipps s Idiot 27 Huddersfield
Hannah Taylor s Idiot 34 Huddersfield
John Taylor 6 scholar Huddersfield
Joseoh Brootle s 56 boatman Deighton
Ellen Kelley s 27 servant Ireland
Walter dawe Widow 73 labourer Ireland
Andrew Brown Widow 57 labourer Ireland
Richard Roach s 42 labourer Ireland
Andrew Manning Widow 66 labourer Ireland
John Mahoney Widow 70 joiner Ireland
Mary Lynch s 43 piecer Huddersfield
James Bradbury Widow 71 waever Saddleworth
Lionel Hawkworth Widow 64 labourer Hoylandswain
Wm. Stead Widow 66 spinner Bramley
F.Hornby 17 scholar Kirkheaton
Ann Sharpe M 38 servant Huddersfield
Janice Heap s 66 milner Leeds
Wm. Dugdale s 67 wood sawyer Leeds
Wm. Brootle 12 scholar Manchester
M.McGuire M lunatic 41 stonemaon Ireland
Rowland halstead s 78 tenter Huddersfield
Henry Hessler 14 scholar Huddersfield
John Hirst s 61 horse keeper Huddersfield
David Milnes s 60 weaver Lockwood
Abram haigh M 68 weaver Lepton
Thomas Ferron Widow 67 cabinet maker America
Mary Halstead s 39 feeder Huddersfield
Edwin Halstead 8 scholar Huddersfield
Sarah hartley M 29 piecer Leeds
Caroline Hartley 6 scholar Leeds
Wm. Hartley < 12m Bramley
James Dyson s 53 weaver Almondbury
Mary Malther 41 weaver Silkstone
James Rayman 9 scholar Huddersfield
Crispin Berry s 56 weaver Lepton
Tom Dulton s 22 iron founder Huddersfield
Robert Sykes s 54 gardener Kirkheaton
Mary Gaun 44 weaver Lancashire
George Heaton M 59 brush maker Leeds
Wm. Noland 8 scholar Cheshire
Susan Bishop s 27 servant Northants
John Curley s 24 Huddersfield
James Burley s 55 horse keeper Huddersfield
James Taylor 12 scholar Huddersfield
Joe Dranefield 10 scholar Huddersfield
Samuel Mellor 8 scholar Huddersfield
Esmond Smith 8 scholar Dalton
Edward Higgins 6 scholar Leeds
Alfred Whiteley s 38 labourer Linthwaite
George ?? s 60 weaver Almondbury
George Calvert s 50 stoker Almondbury
Nancy Thomas s Idiot 35 Almondbury
Charles North s 67 weaver Almondbury
Samuel Haigh s 70 weaver Almondbury
Thomas Dearnally s 52 weaver Almondbury
Jacob Lee s 17 Blind Almondbury
Maria Walther s 29 feeder Thurstonland
Adam Boothroyd s 57 weaver Almondbury
Sarah Liversedge s 34 servant Honley
Horatio Liversedge s Idiot 17 scholar Almondbury
Ellen Fleming s 36 Almondbury
Mary Middington s 55 servant Yorkshire
Wm. France Widow 75 weaver Honley
Charles Hirst s 50 Austonley
Mary Brootle s 67 tenter Austonley
Mary Hinchliffe s Idiot 31 Upperthong
Wm. Winterbotton s 54 Deaf and Dumb Cartworth
Fanny Charlesworth s 54 weaver Upperthong
D.Moorhouse s 77 tailor Wooldale
Ann Booth s Idiot 46 Hepworth
Joseph Hollingsworth s 36 labourer Cartworth
Abel Earnshaw s 51 weaver Cartworth
Joseph Barber 11 scholar Cartworth
Elizabeth Beevers s 27 servant Wooldale
Charlotte Beevers 9 scholar Wooldale
Ben Beevers 6 scholar Cartworth
Harriet Peace M lunatic 61 Lepton
I Beevers 2 Cartworth
Isaac Sanderson s Idiot 40 labourer Dalton
Wm. Garside s Idiot 51 Farnley Tyas
Joseph Harpin Widow 77 weaver Farnley Tyas
Matha Harpin s 52 servant South Crosland
Alfred Armitage 11 scholar Fulstone
Sarah Armitage 9 scholar Fulstone
Ruth Armitage 7 scholar Fulstone
Hannah Booth s 35 weaver Netherthong
Jonathan Bailey M 69 spinner Wooldale
Jane Bailey s Idiot 36 weaver kirkburton
George Ibbersen s 67 weaver Fulstone
Ada Cootl < 5m Honley
Albert Armitage 13 scholar Fulstone
Walter Taylor s Idiot 27 Golcar
Elizabeth Whitwane 14 Blind Golcar
Betty Whitwane s Idiot 27 Golcar
Joseph Whitwane s 75 weaver Huddersfield
Betty Blackburn s 50 weaver Golcar
Joseph Clough s 67 labourer Holme
Martha Beevers s Idiot 66 servant Cartworth
Sarah Wood s Idiot 24 charwoman Yorkshire
Sarah J Wood <12m Honley
John Hallar s 68 setter Honley
Fenton Lubb s Idiot 30 Honley
Elizabeth Hobson 9 scholar Honley
Elizabeth Kaye s 40 servant Austonley
Ben Kaye 5 scholar Honley
John Cuttall s 72 weaver Cartworth
Godfrey Berry 8 scholar Honley
Tom Berry 5 scholar Honley
Mary Schofield s 64 weaver Honley
Jane Woodhouse s 81 Linthwaite
David Hampshire 5 scholar Honley
John Booth M 60 labourer Huddersfield
Fred Hobson s 64 weaver Honley
James Garner s 65 weaver Honley
Fred Haigh 1 Honley
David Boothroyd Widow 62 weaver Honley
William Day s 38 teaser Farnley Tyas
Eliza Haigh s 24 servant Golcar
John Bray s 40 coal miner Honley
George Beever 10 scholar Huddersfield
Charlotte Hardy s 49 servant kirkburton
Sarah Hallas s 40 weaver Kirkheaton
Mary Hallas 10 scholar Kirkheaton
John Woodhouse 7 scholar Lepton
Alice Woodhouse 4 scholar Honley
Sarah Thewlis s Idiot 48 Lepton
Ellen Eastwood s 35 charwoman Lepton
Joe Eastwood 4 scholar Honley
Wm. Davidson 13 scholar Huddersfield
James Bedford s 47 blacksmith Lepton
Ann Fox s Idiot 40 Lindley
John Beaumont A s 71 weaver Linthwaite
John Beaumont B Widow 71 weaver Linthwaite
Lavinia Gawthroyd s Idiot 26 Kirkheaton
Jonathan Burnley Widow 70 cab driver Wetherby
Isaac Fletcher M 58 tailor Leeds
Ann Crowther s 36 charwoman Lockwood
Joseph Riley Widow 71 finisher Lockwood
Joseph Crowe Widow 67 finisher Lockwood
Mary Hinchliffw s 30 servant liverpool
Charles McGatti 10 scholar Manchester
Hannah Sykes s Idiot 30 Yorkshire
James Rayne Widow 63 house painter Marsden
Alfred Marsden 3 scholar Marsden
Hiram Mellor Widow 57 piecer Marsden
John Whitehead Widow 69 stone delver Marsden
Matthew Brookobauti Widow 79 weaver Crosland
Sarah Shaw s Idiot 30 Meltham
James Beardsell Widow 70 weaver Upperthong
Benjamin Gill s 60 weaver Netherthong
Harriet Gledhill s 41 weaver Scammonden
Joseph Gledhill 15 scholar Scammonden
Wm. Gledhill 9 scholar Scammonden
Wm.Lawton s Idiot 65 weaver Cumberworth
James Armitage s 66 servant Slaithwaite
Samuel Barratt Widow 67 cloth milner Crosland
Humphrey Hemingway s 58 weaver Meltham
Friend Sykes s 59 weaver Crosland
Thomas taylor M 61 labourer Crosland
Thomas Oldfield Widow 83 weaver Crosland
John Boothroyd s 25 Huddersfield
Benjamin Pinder s 76 weaver Thurstonland
Edmund Hardy s 35 labourer Thurstonland
Mary Nobles s 34 burler Fulstone
William Nobles 2 Honley
Jonas Hinchliffe s 70 finisher Fulstone
Christopher Hinchliffe s 62 excavator Upperthong
Sophie Hawksworth s Idiot 19 Huddersfield
Wm.Mordsworth s 74 labourer Upperthong
Benoni Kaye s 45 milner Oldham
Mary Robinson s 19 servant Wooldale
Matthew Fretwell s 35 finisher skelmanthorpe
Ann Robinson <1m Honley
John Taylor Widow 77 tailor Wooldale
John Ramsden Widow 75 weaver Wooldale
Alan Donkersley s 30 Blind Wooldale
Job Hinchliffe 9 scholar Wooldale
Thomas Ellis M 66 weaver Wooldale
John Balysforth 12 scholar Slaithwaite
Thomas Mellor 18 scholar Wooldale
John Booth s 61 burler Wooldale
Henry Moorhouse 15 scholar Golcar
Edward Gilroy s 74 labourer Ireland
George Brooke M 74 labourer skelmanthorpe
John Greaves M 74 weaver Wooldale
Daniel Ruddy s 55 labourer Ireland
Mary harrison s 27 servant Doncaster
Maria Taylor s 29 servant Holme
Charles Halstead s 31 finisher Huddersfield
Luke Barley s Idiot 32 white smith Huddersfield
George Laycock Widow 81 finisher Huddersfield
James Boyd s Idiot 32 Huddersfield

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