1901 National Census for Netherthong : Part 1

The  1901 National Census  is the last one that was transcribed to micro-film and retained  in the Archives Section of Kirklees Public Library in Huddersfield. Under the 100 year rule, the information for the 1911 Census  is available on the Ancestry web-site.

This Census followed the standard pattern with the individual household information  being transcribed,  in cursive handwriting , onto the master forms. This meant that some of the capital letters were difficult to work out and I have had to resort to using ?? . The enumerator was also very liberal in his use of a black crayon which also on occasions obliterated key information. I have copied faithfully Christian names even though they didn’t seem right to me.

In previous censuses, the word ‘scholar ‘ was used to describe those children at school but it has not been used in this census.

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