1901 National Census for Netherthong : Part 1

The  1901 National Census  is the last one that was transcribed to micro-film and retained  in the Archives Section of Kirklees Public Library in Huddersfield. Under the 100 year rule, the information for the 1911 Census  is available on the Ancestry web-site.

This Census followed the standard pattern with the individual household information  being transcribed,  in cursive handwriting , onto the master forms. This meant that some of the capital letters were difficult to work out and I have had to resort to using ?? . The enumerator was also very liberal in his use of a black crayon which also on occasions obliterated key information. I have copied faithfully Christian names even though they didn’t seem right to me.

In previous censuses, the word ‘scholar ‘ was used to describe those children at school but it has not been used in this census.

Name Position Status Age Occupation Place of Birth Location
Benjamin Dyson Head married 64 Farmer Meltham Mills Moorgate Farm
Mary wife married 53 Scholes
John Henry son unm 16 Pupil teacher Netherthong
Joe son unm 14 farmer's son Netherthong
Herbert son unm 11 Netherthong
Thomas son unm 10 Netherthong
Walter Middleton Head married 39 Farmer Honley Sands
Hannah wife married 42 Wooldale
Catherine daughter unm 20 woolen mender Wooldale
Hubert son unm 18 appr. Plumber Wooldale
Mary G daughter unm 16 woolen mender Wooldale
Martha Cartwright m in law widow 79 Wooldale
Clara Cartwright niece unm 18 woolen mender Wooldale
Tom Bower Head married 72 retired Holmfirth West End
Benjamin Littlewood Head married 71 living on own resources Netherthong
Sarah wife married 63 Devon
Hannah Dyson Head widow 60 living on own resources Netherthong
Alice Dyson sister unm 56 retired grocer Netherthong
William Beaumont Head married 66 wool spinner Huddersfield
Sarah wife married 64 Linthwaite
Joseph Wilson Head married 69 farmer, rate collector Netherthong
Mary wife married 49 Holmfirth
Henry son unm 22 grocer assistant Netherthong
Florence daughter unm 19 Pupil teacher Netherthong
Fanny daughter unm 16 Pupil teacher Netherthong
Thomas son unm 10 Netherthong
Helen daughter unm 7 Netherthong
Fred Woodhead Head married 43 Tailor Netherthong
Emily wife married 41 Upperthong
Percy son unm 16 Netherthong
Charlie son unm 12 Netherthong
Marion daughter unm 9 Huddersfield
Hilda daughter unm 7 Upperthong
Doris daughter unm 5 Netherthong
Elizabeth Eastwood Head widow 64 living on own resources Netherthong
Lydia Wimpenny Head unm 34 woolen mender Netherthong
Arthur brother unm 29 warehouse manager Netherthong
Alice sister unm 19 minder Netherthong
Elizabeth Holson Head widow 64 living on own resources Netherthong
Richard Mitchell Head married 57 Gardener New Mill
Lydia wife married 60 Wooldale
Ellen daughter unm 34 Confectioner Wooldale
James J Jackson Head married 46 schoolmaster Ingrow Wilson's Square
Amanda wife married 46 Netherthong
James Hinchliffe Head married 41 overlooker Upperthong
Hannah wife married 34 Wooldale
John Jackson Head widow 86 retired schoolmaster Lancashire
Margaret daughter unm 40 Ingrow
Emma Wimpenny servant widow 76 Netherthong
Jonathan Hirst Head married 44 foreman cloth finisher New Mill
Emily wife married 46 New Mill
Mary daughter unm 16 woolen mender Netherthong
Ada daughter unm 14 woolen mender Netherthong
Florence daughter unm 12 Netherthong
Marian daughter unm 8 Netherthong
A. Woodhouse Head unm 21 cloth inker Netherthong
Charles Wood Head married 31 weaver Netherthong
Ruth wife married 38 Austonley
Fenton Walker son unm 14 cloth finisher Netherthong
Alice daughter unm 5 Netherthong
Eric son unm 3 Netherthong
Charles son unm 7months Netherthong
George Marsden Head married 29 cloth finisher Netherthong Outlane
Rhoda wife married 30 Driffield
James son unm 5 Netherthong
Horace son unm 3 Netherthong
Gertrude daughter unm 10 months Netherthong
Fred Boothroyd Head married 24 mason's labourer Holmfirth Outlane
Helena wife married 24 Netherthong
Alfred son unm 11 months Netherthong
Ann Marsden m in law widow 71 Leeds
Ben Hoyle Head married 54 wool spinner Wooldale Outlane
Ellen wife married 51 Netherthong
Alice daughter unm 24 Netherthong
Helene daughter unm 17 cloth mender Netherthong
Annie daughter unm 15 cloth mender Netherthong
Ethel daughter unm 14 Netherthong
Ellen g/d unm 5 Holmfirth
Marion g/d unm 2 Holmfirth
Frederick Hobson Head married 56 weaver Netherthong Outlane
Martha wife married 53 Netherthong
Harry son unm 29 weaver Netherthong
Mary daughter unm 16 weaver Netherthong
Irvine son unm 14 weaver Netherthong
Florence daughter unm 11 Netherthong
Eliza Sykes Head widow 61 Netherthong Outlane
Harry son unm 22 weaver Netherthong
Walker Child s in law unm 39 cloth presser Holmfirth
Hannah Child daughter unm 41 America
Harry Child g/son unm 17 Holmfirth
Tom Child g/son unm 15 weaver Netherthong
Nelly Child g/d unm 9 Netherthong
Gladys Child g/d unm 6 Netherthong
Annie Child g/d unm 3 Netherthong
Sarah Dickinson Head unm 49 weaver Netherthong Outlane
Joe Eastwood boarder unm 47 agent Netherthong
Martin Wimpenny Head married 42 cloth presser Austonley Outlane
Martha wife married 39 Netherthong
Fred son unm 9 Huddersfield
Henry father widow 81 living on own resources Hinchliffe
Joseph Bray Head married 75 Gardener Wooldale Outlane
Ellen wife married 77 New Mill
Mary daughter unm 40 wool feeder Netherthong
Sarah daughter unm 30 rag mender Netherthong
Albert g/son unm 20 ?? Wooldale
Ann g/d unm 17 spinner Wooldale
Walter g/son unm 15 piecer Wooldale
Lily g/d unm 14 Farnley Tyas
Emily g/d unm 7 Netherthong
Arthur g/son unm 6 Netherthong
Charles Hoyle Head married 29 ?? Netherthong Outlane
Annie wife married 28 Netherthong
Walter Buckley Head married 26 weaver Netherthong
Emily wife married 28 weaver Wakefield
Law father married 65 weaver Thurstonland
Mary mother married 67 Gloucester
Jonas Hobson Head married 41 weaver Netherthong Outlane
Eliza wife married 41 Holmfirth
Ethel daughter unm 12 Netherthong
Hubert son unm 10 Netherthong
William Hobson Head married 44 weaver Netherthong Outlane
Ellen wife married 42 Holmfirth
John son unm 15 wool feeder Holmfirth
Harold son unm 13 piecer Holmfirth
Albert son unm 11 Netherthong
Miriam daughter unm 9 Netherthong
Elihu Hobson Head widow 68 farmer Netherthong Outlane
Joseph son unm 44 carter Ashton under Lyne
Enos son unm 22 blacksmith Ashton under Lyne
Joseph Armitage Head married 57 Baker Netherthong Outlane
Betty wife married 54 Netherthong
Emma Brook Head widow 54 Chargeperson Netherthong Outlane
Janet Heaps daughter unm 20 Wooldale
Mary Quarmby mother widow 83 Berry Bow
Arthur Sykes Head married 39 woolen designer Holmfirth Outlane
Martha wife married 35 Oldfield
Evelyn daughter unm 17 woolen mender Oldfield
Alice daughter unm 15 woolen mender Netherthong
Beatrice daughter unm 13 Netherthong
Hubert O son unm 10 Netherthong
Arthur R son unm 7 Netherthong
Helena daughter unm 5 Netherthong
George Cockin Head married 60 wool spinner Sheepridge School House
Jane wife married 58 Berry Bow
Ada daughter unm 31 warper Lockwood
Emily daughter unm 22 mender New Mill
John Prowde Head unm 59 Clergyman Loftus Vicarage
James Short servant unm 55 housekeeper Kendal
Phyllis Woodhead Head widow 54 Thurstonland Dockhill
Alice daughter unm 22 cotton minder Netherthong
Emily daughter unm 20 weaver Netherthong
Annetta daughter unm 18 Twister Netherthong
Mary daughter unm 15 Knotter Netherthong
Jesse Newell Head married 65 ?? Shelley Outlane
Mary wife married 59 Almondbury
James Charlesuntt s in law married 26 leather strap maker Burnley
Alice " daughter married 29 Almondbury
Arthur " g/son unm 1 Netherthong
Martin Hoyle Head married 27 spinner Netherthong Outlane
Lily wife married 25 Netherthong
Ronald son unm 10 months Netherthong
George Booth Head married 54 chip potato vender Holmfirth Outlane
Ellen wife married 59 Holmfirth
Sarah daughter unm 23 Knotter Holmfirth
Ruth daughter unm 21 Knotter Holmfirth
Ada daughter unm 16 Mender Holmfirth
Albert Knitton Head married 28 finisher Honley Outlane
Mary wife married 28 Holmfirth
Harry son unm 6 months Netherthong
John Scholfield Head married 48 weaver Holmfirth Outlane
Jane wife married 46 Holmfirth
Mary daughter unm 22 weaver Holmfirth
Edith daughter unm 18 mender Netherthong
Abel son unm 13 Netherthong
Sam son unm 11 Netherthong
Lilian daughter unm 3 Netherthong
Hanson Beaumont Head married 32 spinner Holmfirth Outlane
Grace wife married 32 Nottingham
Edith daughter unm 7 Netherthong
Emma daughter unm 5 Netherthong
H.Tinker Head widow ?? ?? ?? Outlane
Bertha daughter unm 19 mender Huddersfield
Eva daughter unm 14 mender Stockport
William son unm 10 Stockport
? Kenyon Head married 28 weaver Wooldale Outlane
Ellen wife married 29 Netherthong
Mary daughter unm 3 Netherthong
Annie daughter unm 1 Netherthong
Allen Fothergill Head married 28 police constable Ossett Outlane
Julia wife married 29 Ossett
Ada daughter unm 6 Ossett
William Heald f in law widow 73 retired shoemaker Wakefield
Herbert Roebuck Head married 33 Tailor Holmfirth Outlane
Emma wife married 30 Netherthong
Francis Goddard f in law widow 71 living on own resources Holmfirth
Whitfield Pocation Head married 34 greengrocer Netherthong Outlane
Clara wife married 35 Netherthong
Hubert O son unm 10 Netherthong
Gertrude daughter unm 2 Netherthong
Elvia ? m in law widow 66 Netherthong
Ann Hobson Head widow 55 Cartwright Outlane
Mary daughter unm 24 weaver Netherthong
Thomas son unm 18 Tailors presser Netherthong
Charles Bretton Head married 28 ?? Netherthong Outlane
Sarah wife married 41 Holmfirth
Elizabeth Meller Head widow 87 living on own resources Horbury Outlane
Louisa daughter unm 46 living on own resources Upperthong
Ellen Wood Head widow 52 Netherthong Church Street
Tom son unm 26 wool drier Netherthong
Sarah daughter unm 23 dressmaker Netherthong
Evelyn daughter unm 16 scourer Netherthong
Fred Charlesworth Head married 23 Innkeeper Almondbury Queens Arms
Emma wife married 26 Honley
Lydia Roebuck d in law unm 13 nurse Honley
Walter son unm 1 Netherthong
Tom Russell Head married 61 spinner Netherthong Church Street
Martha wife married 63 Netherthong
Arthur son unm 24 grocer assistant Netherthong
Tom son unm 23 stoker at mill Netherthong
Ben Shore Head married 33 finisher Netherthong Church Street
Eliza wife married 33 mender Netherthong
Mary daughter unm 11 Netherthong
James Mallinson Head married 32 Silk dyer Netherthong Church Street
Ellen wife married 28 inker Holmfirth
James Charlesworth Head married 48 presser Netherthong Church Street
Millicent wife married 47 Netherthong
Esther Ann daughter unm 17 mender Netherthong
harry son unm 14 Netherthong
Joseph Mallinson Head married 33 ?? Netherthong Church Street
Alexandria wife married 29 Ashton under Lyne
Alice daughter unm 11 months Netherthong
John Fisher Head married 45 weaver Manchester Church Street
Alice wife married 42 Netherthong
Herbert son unm 19 grocer assistant Netherthong
Edith daughter unm 17 mender Netherthong
Emma daughter unm 14 mender Netherthong
Norman son unm 11 Netherthong
Jonas Mallinson Head widow 64 farmer and butcher Netherthong Church Street
Mary daughter unm 36 housekeeper Netherthong
Goerge son unm 30 carter Netherthong
James son unm 23 farmer and butcher Netherthong
John Batley Head married 57 joiner and farmer Upperthong Church Street
Mary wife married 49 New Mill
Sarah daughter unm 25 tailoress Upperthong
Martha daughter unm 21 mender Netherthong
Mary daughter unm 20 Netherthong
Edith daughter unm 18 Pupil teacher Netherthong
Brook son unm 15 joiner apprentice Netherthong
Thomas son unm 11 Netherthong
Marion daughter unm 8 Netherthong
William Broadbent Head married 57 Innkeeper Netherthong Clothiers Arms
Hannah wife married 57 Netherthong
Emma ? unm 50 weaver Netherthong
Elizabeth Woodhead Head widow 74 living on own resources Huddersfield Giles Street
Hannah Graham neice unm 53 living on own resources Manchester
Alfred Mallinson Head married 36 weaver Netherthong Giles Street
Ellen wife married 35 Netherthong
Harold son unm 5 Netherthong
Beatrice daughter unm 2 Netherthong
Emilline daughter unm 7 months Netherthong
Martha Shore m in law ? ? Honley
James Dyer Head married 63 farmer Netherthong Giles Street
Emma wife married 67 Honley
Collin C Sykes Head married 28 weaver Netherthong Giles Street
Alice wife married 26 linker Netherthong
Joseph Whitehead Head married 47 spinner Honley Giles Street
Hannah wife married 49 Netherthong
Alice daughter unm 17 Knotter Netherthong
Mary daughter unm 13 numberer Netherthong
Dinah Moorhouse Head widow 54 New Mill Giles Street
Arthur son unm 14 piecer Netherthong
James Woodhead Head unm 55 mason's labourer Netherthong Giles Street
Albert Wimpenny Head married 32 shoe maker Netherthong Giles Street
Ann wife married 31 Upperthong
Arnold son unm 8 Upperthong
Mildred daughter unm 6 Upperthong
Thomas Taylor Head married 22 presser London Giles Street
Mary wife married 25 Giggleswick
Winifred daughter unm 1 Netherthong
George Ricketts Head married 25 weaver Netherthong Giles Street
Alice wife married 26 Holmfirth
Norman son unm 1 Holmfirth
Hannah Gill Head widow 67 Netherthong Giles Street
Sarah daughter unm 39 machine feeder Netherthong
Hannah Mallinson Head widow 67 Farnley Tyas Giles Street
Mary daughter unm 40 weaver Netherthong
Emma daughter unm 31 laundress Netherthong
Florence grand d unm 12 piecer Netherthong
Harry Eastugad? grand son unm 2 Armitage Bridge
Thomas Haigh Head married 43 weaver Netherthong Dock Hill
Ann wife married 38 Berry Bow
Sarah daughter unm 17 weaver Netherthong
George son unm 14 piecer Netherthong
Edith daughter unm 12 Netherthong
Frank son unm 10 Netherthong
Mary daughter unm 7 Netherthong
Benjamin Gill Head married 29 stone mason Netherthong Dock Hill
Ann wife married 26 Holmfirth
Ruth daughter unm 4 Netherthong
Harry Gill Head married 27 stone mason Netherthong Dock Hill
Esther wife married 29 Holmfirth
Alice daughter unm 1 Netherthong
Emma Woodhouse Head widow 53 Knotter Netherthong Hole Bottom
Fanny Earnshaw Head widow 80 Honley Hole Bottom
James Shaw ? unm 36 Engineer tenter Netherthong
Ben Shore Head unm 59 blacksmith Netherthong Hole Bottom
Albert Seddon Head married 45 Butcher Netherthong Dean Brook
Alice wife married 47 Bolsterstone
Mary daughter unm 21 Knotter Netherthong
Arthur son unm 18 Electrician Netherthong
Reba Hirstle Head married 49 farmer Thurlstone Harroyd
sarah wife married 47 Thurlstone
?? son unm 26 ?? Thurlstone
James son unm 22 farmer's son Thurlstone
William son unm 18 cloth finisher Thurlstone
Annie daughter unm 16 ?? Thurlstone
John son unm 14 farmer's son Shepley
Alma daughter unm 12 Netherthong
Ada daughter unm 10 Netherthong
Lewis son unm 9 Netherthong
John Brook Head married 25 grocer assistant Netherthong Lower Hagg
Miriam wife married 26 Netherthong
Arthur Sanderson Head married 44 farmer Holmfirth
Jane wife married 43 Holmfirth
Herbert son unm 22 finisher Netherthong
Sarah daughter unm 21 Knotter Netherthong
Brook son unm 19 cutter Netherthong
Harriet daughter unm 16 house servant Netherthong
Harold son unm 13 Netherthong
Emily daughter unm 11 Netherthong
Herman son unm 8 Netherthong
Edith daughter unm 6 Netherthong
Ethel daughter unm 5 Netherthong
Wright Brook Head married 55 farmer Crosland Lower Hagg
Jane wife married 53 Honley
Herbert son unm 23 scribbler Holmfirth
John Barrowclough Head married 46 weaver Holmfirth Lower Hagg
Christiana wife married 45 Lockwood
Ethel daughter unm 20 mender Netherthong
Herbert son unm 18 scribbler Netherthong
Harold son unm 16 piecer Netherthong
Willie son unm 9 Netherthong
Irwin son unm 6 Netherthong
Dennis son unm 4 Netherthong
Elizabeth Eastwood Head unm 60 brush maker Upperthong Lower Hagg
Tom Neevers boarder unm 41 labourer Huddersfield
John Gill Head married 58 labourer Thurstonland Lower Hagg
Jane wife married 56 Fulstone
Arthur Gill son unm 31 labourer Thurstonland
Joe son unm 28 railway porter Fulstone
Sarah daughter unm 23 Knotter Fulstone
Florence daughter unm 17 Burler Fulstone
Alice Barber daughter unm 32 weaver Fulstone
Joshua Whiteley Head married 44 Dyer Hinchliffe Lower Hagg
Eliza wife married 44 Pontefract
Edgar daughter unm 16 overlooker Hinchliffe
Arthur son unm 14 piecer Holmfirth
Harold son unm 12 Netherthong
Willie son unm 10 Netherthong
Annie daughter unm 6 Netherthong
Nellie daughter unm 4 months Netherthong
Arthur Beaumont Head married 35 signal man Holmfirth Lower Hagg
Sophia wife married 34 cawthorne
?? son unm 9 Penistone
Mary daughter unm 5 Huddersfield
John Beaumont Head married 29 presser Holmfirth Lower Hagg
Mary wife married 31 Holmfirth
Alfred Sykes Head married 55 cloth manufacturer Netherton Woodville
Sarah wife married 48 Crosland
Bertha daughter unm 26 Crosland
Oswald son unm 22 cloth manufacturer Milnsbridge
Bernal ? son unm 19 student Milnsbridge
Lena Palfrey servant unm 29 cook Sheffield
Mary Willis servant unm 23 housemaid Darnall
Annie Faremir servant unm 19 chambermaid Nottingham
Mary Jane Mellor Head unm 60 living on own resources Netherthong Spring Lodge
Mary Carr servant unm 50 housemaid Cheshire
Jane Hewitt servant unm 45 cook Kimbolton
William Booth Head married 32 finisher Crosland Mount Pleasant
Sarah wife married 34 Lockwood
Harry son unm 4 Lockwood
Crowther son unm 4 Netherthong
John son unm 2 Netherthong
Herman Beaumont Head married 51 spinner Holmfirth Mount Pleasant
Elizabeth wife married 50 Netherthong
Tom son unm 24 postman Holmfirth
Arthur son unm 22 cloth miller Thirstonland
Ruth daughter unm 19 cloth miller Netherthong
Dawson son unm 17 finisher Netherthong
Norman son unm 15 Netherthong
Gertrude daughter unm 11 Netherthong
Albert son unm 9 Netherthong
Jane Westwick Head unm 30 machinist Thirsk Mount Pleasant
Annie sister unm 25 Middlesborough
Matthew brother unm 22 finisher Middlesborough
Ada sister unm 18 box minder Rawden
Winnie niece unm 11 Netherthong
John Ranfield Head married 28 overlooker meltham Mount Pleasant
Ellen wife married 26 Thirsk
Willie son unm 3 Netherthong
John Wood Head married 34 Fettler Wooldale Mount Pleasant
Mary wife married 31 Wibsey
James son unm 10 Huddersfield
Mabel daughter unm 8 Netherthong
Albert Downes Head married 37 Gardener Austonley Mount Pleasant
Caroline wife married 39 Upperthong
Wilfred son unm 15 Gardener Upperthong
George Rollinson Head married 30 weaver Holmfirth Mount Pleasant
Lucy wife married 32 Holmfirth
Joe son unm 4 Netherthong
Ida daughter unm 2 Netherthong
George Whiteley Head married 57 postmaster/grocer Holme Thongsbridge PO
Ann wife married 58 assistant Netherthong
Harriet daughter unm 29 assistant Netherthong
Herbert Green Head married 32 dyers labourer Honley Smithy Street
Rachel wife married 29 Skelmanthorpe
Clara daughter unm 8 Farnley Tyas
Maude daughter unm 7 Honley
Emily daughter unm 5 Netherthong
Alice daughter unm 3 Netherthong
George son unm 1 Netherthong
Mary daughter unm 1 month Netherthong
Ben Greaves Head married 28 finisher Holmfirth Smithy Street
Elizabeth wife married 26 ??
Fred son unm 4 Netherthong
Mary daughter unm 2 Netherthong
Joseph Haley Head married 23 scourer Ossett Crodingley
Emiline wife married 23 weaver Honley
Ethyl daughter unm 1 Netherthong
William Eastwood Head married 57 traveller in wines Netherthong Crodingley
?? wife married 54 Farnley Tyas
Albert son unm 27 clerk to corn merchant Netherthong
Annie daughter unm 25 dressmaker Netherthong
Mary daughter unm 20 teacher Netherthong
Kate daughter unm 16 milliner apprentice Netherthong
William son unm 11 Netherthong
Ann Renshaw Head widow 69 Honley Crodingley
Sarah daughter unm 39 dressmaker Netherthong
Tom Woodhead son in law married 43 finisher Netherthong
Eliza Woodhead daughter married 42 Lockwood
Hannah Shore Head widow 59 charwoman Holmfirth Giles Street
Ann Hudson wife married 40 Holmfirth Church Street
Harry son unm 12 Netherthong
Charles so unm 6 Netherthong
Allen Turner Head married 66 labourer Honley Bastile
Ann wife married 65 Honley
Mary Ann Dickinson Head widow 45 Brighton Bastile
Frank son unm 18 grocers assistant Netherthong
Henry Ansell son unm 15 chemist apprentice Netherthong
Mary daughter unm 13 Netherthong
Elsie daughter unm 11 Netherthong
Nathan Charlesworth Head widow 76 weaver Holmfirth Ox Lane
James son widow 47 weaver Holmfirth
Nathan son unm 36 Fettler Holmfirth
John Buchanan Head married 67 living on own resources Scotland Ox Lane
Hannah wife married 57 Netherthong
Muriel daughter unm 13 Netherthong
Hirst Roebuck Head married 28 farmer Wood Nook Ox Lane
Ann wife married 29 Deanhouse
Joseph son unm 3 Wilshaw
Herbert son unm 3 months Wilshaw
Mary daughter unm 5 Netherthong
Emily daughter unm 1 Wilshaw
Dan Sykes Head married 58 farmer Upperthong U. Wolfstones Farm
Jane wife married 56 Underbank
Michael Rendfearn Head married 58 farmer Meltham L. Wolfstones Farm
Emma wife married 59 Austonley
John Bentley Head married 55 farmer/weaver Upperthong Carr Farm
Ann wife married 58 Upperthong
Mary Ann Dickinson daughter unm 22 Burler Upperthong
Ada daughter unm ? Domestic duties Upperthong
Thomas Hardy Head married 51 farmer Denby Grange Rosewood Cottage
Sarah Ann wife married 35 Barnsley
Edith daughter unm 17 Domestic duties Denby Grange
Florence daughter unm 3 Netherthong
James Leach Head married 48 farmer Thurgland Brown Hill Farm
Sarah wife married 43 Thurgland
Jane Ann daughter unm 6 Wortley
Ernest Pattinsen boarder unm 3 Netherthong
Frances Barratt boarder unm 2 Manchester
William Hinchliffe Head married 40 farmer Scholes Wells greem
Mary Ann wife married 38 Holme
Tom son unm 16 farmers son Netherthong
Robert son unm 15 Netherthong
Edith daughter unm 13 Netherthong
Amy daughter unm 11 Netherthong
John Heap Head married 68 farm labourer Cartworth Wells Green
Ann wife married 66 Wooldale
Ellen Green aunt married 69 living on own resources Netherthong
Thomas Turner Head married 63 wool manufacturer Huddersfield Somerfield
Annie wife married 53 thongsbridge
Thomas son unm 27 traveller in wines Netherthong
Florence Haye servant unm 25 housemaid Hepworth
Clara Haye servant unm 22 cook Hepworth
John Peel Floyd Head married 54 wool manufacturer Netherthong Roseleigh Bridge Mills
Helen wife married 50 Suffolk
John son unm 24 wool manufacturer Netherthong
Mary daughter unm 17 Netherthong
Helen daughter unm 6 Netherthong
Emmie Bates servant unm 19 cook Wiltshire
Sarah Ledger servant unm 19 housemaid Leeds
James Watkinson Head married 37 wool manufacturer Huddersfield Sands
Emily wife married 31 Holmfirth
Eliza Newton servant unm 25 cook Thurlstone
Louisa Heaslegraves servant unm 31 housemaid Wakefield
Emma Stephenson Head widow 69 living on own resources Holmfirth Sands
Alice Hinchliffe sister unm 70 living on own resources Holmfirth
Sarah Haye servant unm 19 cook Bolsterstone
Sarah Webster servant unm 17 housemaid Langsett
Albert Newton Head married 38 Gardener Holmfirth Sands
Mary wife married 41 Holmfirth
Charley son unm 3 Holmfirth
Ethel daughter unm 13 winder Holmfirth
Alice daughter unm 10 Holmfirth
Edith daughter unm 9 Holmfirth
John Taylor Head widow 73 cloth manufacturer retired Kirkburton Oaklands
Emily Preston neice unm 39 Australia
Clara Sorby servant unm 34 cook Bolsterstone
Hannah Blackburn servant unm 20 housemaid Lincolnshire
David Perry Head married 39 coachman Oxfordshire Oaklands Lodge
Sarah wife married 41 Lichfield
Elsie daughter unm 6 Gigglesthorne
John Dyson neice married 60 wool manufacturer Huddersfield Elmwood
Georgina wife married 50 Staffs
George Young ? unm 25 living on own resources Yorkshire
Maria Hopkin servant unm 38 cook thongsbridge
Annie Hodgson servant unm 33 housemaid Thurgland
Martha Greenwood Head widow 68 living on own resources Halifax Well House
Elsie May grand d unm 7 Holmfirth
Ann Cheesbrough sister unm 69 living on own resources Bradford
Dorothy Nattrade servant unm 20 housemaid Sunderland
Hester Price servant unm 20 nurse Burton on Trent
Florence Coldwell servant unm 22 cook Penistone
William Cartwright Head married 46 weaver Holmfirth Robin Royd
Hannah wife married 48 Upperthong
Harry son unm 14 piecer Leeds
Mabel daughter unm 13 draper assistant Leeds
John Beaumont Head married 59 market gardener Berry Bow U. Fearnought
Elizabeth wife married 57 Huddersfield
Harry son unm 25 groom Meltham
John Shaw Head married 52 coachman Skelmanthorpe U. Fearnought
Lydia Ann wife married 54 Meltham
Gilbert son unm 19 solicitors clerk Meltham
Joe son unm 15 piecer Meltham
John Bray Head married 67 general broker Mappleworth U. Fearnought
Jane wife married 64 Mappleworth
Mary Jane Mellor daughter unm 39 Domestic duties Mappleworth
Arthur son unm 24 mechanic drum maker Mappleworth
High McGovern boarder unm 34 groom /gardener ??
David Winchester Head married 35 Gardener Berkshire U. Fearnought
Anne wife married 41 Derbyshire
Ann Fallas Head widow 73 Holmfirth U. Fearnought
Sarah daughter unm 50 Knotter Holmfirth
Annie daughter unm 33 Holmfirth
George Hendall Head married 43 Gardener Wakefield U. Fearnought
Maria wife married 46 Radnorshire
William Taylor Head married 53 Gardener Holmfirth L. Fearnought
Jane wife married 52 Wakefield
Harry son married 26 Gardener Holmfirth
Ann daughter unm 20 mender Holmfirth
Walter son unm 12 Holmfirth
Abraham Barrowclough Head widow 73 watchman/timekeeper Wooldale L. Fearnought
John Hudson g/son unm 29 twister Wooldale
Amy Hudson g/daughter unm 25 weaver thongsbridge
Fred Wood Head married 26 miller Holmfirth L. Fearnought
Sarah wife married 27 Honley
Harry son unm 1 Netherthong
Joseph Taylor Head married 52 farmworker/teamster Honley L. Fearnought
Elizabeth wife married 49 Honley
Ada daughter unm 20 weaver Honley
Joseph son unm 16 undergroom Honley
Harry son unm 14 undergroom Honley
Frank son unm 8 Honley
Elsie daughter unm 4 Netherthong
John Alexander Head married 48 woolen foreman Scotland Spring Bottom
Sarah wife married 50 Liverpool
Maggie daughter unm 16 Westmorland
Robbert son unm 14 Manchester
Wilfred son unm 11 Holmfirth
Oscar son unm 8 thongsbridge
Jane Lawrence m in law widow 78 Westmorland
Ann Woodhead Head widow 61 living on own resources Netherthong Newlands
Joseph son unm 33 spinner thongsbridge
Mary daughter unm 26 thongsbridge
Edith daughter unm 23 thongsbridge
Alice Binns servant unm 24 housemaid Thurlstone
Alfred Terry Head married 50 farmer Norton Newlands Farm
Jane wife married 49 Rawhill
Arthur son unm 17 farmer Denby
Ethel daughter unm 14 Denby
Francis Priestley Head married 28 wool manufacturer Huddersfield Thongsbridge House
Edith wife married 24 Huddersfield
Ethel Rose Bolton visitor unm 25 Thorncliffe
Annie Turner servant unm 24 Domestic duties Barnsley
Esther Walker Head widow 66 Inn Keeper Honley Royal Oak Inn
Mary daughter unm 41 Lockwood Thongsbridge
Willie son unm 36 schoolmaster thongsbridge
Green Broadbent Head married 38 carter Kirkburton Thongsbridge
Alice wife married 37 India Br. Subject
Sam Hollingsworth Head married 41 weaver Holmfirth Thongsbridge
Janet wife married 38 Knotter thongsbridge
Florence daughter unm 16 winder Netherthong
John son unm 15 piecer Netherthong
Edith daughter unm 13 winder Netherthong
Lewis son unm 8 Netherthong
John Hudson Head married 77 woolen wear designer Netherthong Thongsbridge
Mary wife married 79 Holmfirth
John Chantres boarder unm 29 coachman Lincolnshire
John Lindley Head married 3 dyer Primrosehill Thongsbridge
Ada wife married 34 Birkby
Arthur son unm 8 Holmfirth
Stella daughter unm 6 thongsbridge
George son unm 4 Taylor Hill
Alice daughter unm 2 thongsbridge
Ben Garside Head married 44 Receiving officer Farnley Tyas Thongsbridge
Ann wife married 48 Meltham
Sarah daughter unm 18 milliner Meltham
Joe son unm 15 draper assistant Meltham
Mary daughter unm 10 Meltham
Arthur Alsop Head married 37 foreman of mill Holmfirth Thongsbridge
Annie wife married 35 Holmfirth
Hilda daughter unm 12 thongsbridge
Clara daughter unm 10 thongsbridge
Albert son unm 8 thongsbridge
Irvin son unm 6 thongsbridge
Alice daughter unm 2 thongsbridge
Elizabeth Sanderson sister in law unm 31 mender Holmfirth
George Mallinson Head married 38 weaver Netherthong NT Village
Annie wife married 37 Grange Moor
John son unm 16 piecer Grange Moor
Elizabeth daughter unm 10 Netherthong
Frank son unm 7 Netherthong
Doris daughter unm 1 Netherthong
Mary Roberts Head widow 57 Knotter Fearnought NT Village
Herbert son unm 16 ?? Netherthong
Charles Hobson Head married 45 hawker of paraffin oil Netherthong NT Village
Elizabeth wife married 50 Netherthong
Harry son unm 18 hawker of paraffin oil Netherthong
Jane daughter unm 18 Pupil teacher Netherthong
Annie daughter unm 16 dressmaker Netherthong
Gertie daughter unm 15 Netherthong
Louise daughter unm 13 Netherthong
Sarah Eastwood Head married 35 Knotter Netherthong NT Village
Mary daughter unm 10 Netherthong
Joe Boothroyd Head married 40 dyers labourer Honley NT Village
Sarah Ann wife married 40 Netherthong
Laura Ann daughter unm 14 mender Netherthong
Ada Ann daughter unm 7 Netherthong
Frances Dyson Head widow 71 living on own resources Scotland NT Village
Edward Dyson Head married 38 scribbling engineer Netherthong NT Village
Sarah wife married 32 Netherthong
Willie Hobson Head married 41 groom Netherthong NT Village
Sarah wife married 36 warper Netherthong
Harry son unm 15 piecer Netherthong
Hugh Mallinson Head married 45 weaver Netherthong NT Village
Mary wife married 40 Scholes
Harry son unm 18 weaver Netherthong
Ellen daughter unm 17 Netherthong
Annie daughter unm 15 mender Netherthong
Rosa daughter unm 13 Netherthong
Herbert son unm 10 Netherthong
Alice daughter unm 7 Netherthong
Joe Charlesworth Head married 43 weaver Holmfirth NT Village
Jane wife married 30 Deanhouse
George son unm 2 Netherthong
Edith daughter unm 9 months Netherthong
James Hinchliffe Head married 28 road surveyor Hade Edge NT Village
Jane Ann wife married 32 New Mill
Harold son unm 2 New Mill
Hannah Mallinson Head widow 54 cloth inker Holmfirth NT Village
Harry Mellor Head married 36 living on own resources Netherthong Homleigh
Annie wife married 40 Huddersfield
Cecil son unm 11 Netherthong
Ann Harrison aunt in law unm 59 Huddersfield
Ann Horncastle Head widow 43 Netherthong NT Village
William son unm 15 cloth steamer Netherthong
Harry son unm 12 Netherthong
Mary sister in law unm 37 living on own resources Netherthong
James Seddon Head married 36 greengrocer Heys NT Village
Clara wife married 32 Netherthong
Harold son unm 12 Netherthong
Amy daughter unm 9 Holmfirth
Ellenor daughter unm 6 Holmfirth
Joseph Woodhead Head married 50 grocer/ corn merchant Netherthong NT Village
Martha wife married 49 Netherthong
Ben Eastwood Head married 55 brush manufacturer Netherthong NT Village
Ellen wife married 52 Holme
John son unm 17 joiner Netherthong
James son unm 12 Netherthong
Mary daughter unm 28 Domestic duties Netherthong
Gertrude daughter unm 21 Domestic duties Netherthong
Lucy daughter unm 16 dressmaker Netherthong
Mabel daughter unm 15 mender Netherthong
Winifred daughter unm 12 Netherthong
Dorothy daughter unm 11 Netherthong
John Hinchliffe Head unm 33 farmer Netherthong Lidgett House
Emma sister unm 36 Domestic duties Netherthong
Mary Sanderson servant unm 62 general domestic duties Hepworth

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