1901 Census for Netherthong Part 2

 I had  taken the information from the 1901 census for Netherthong and, it wasn’t until I had uploaded it into my web site, that I had a feeling it wasn’t complete. I looked back through the whole census data for the area and found that the Ecclesiastical Parish for All Saints was listed under the Civil Parish for Honley. I have included this information under Part 2 and the places include Holmroyd Nook, Miry Lane, Deanhouse, Deanbrook, Hagg and Upper and Lower Oldfield.

Samuel Brigg Head m 54 foreman Sutton Holmroyd Nook
Ann wife m 51 Greenhow Hill
Sarah d s 22 dressmaker Meltham
Whitaker s s 18 joiner/builder Netherthong
Charles s s 16 Electrical Engineer Netherthong
Albert s s 13 Netherthong
Agnes d s 11 Netherthong
William Shore Head m 59 farmer Netherthong
Alvary wife m 60 Holmfirth
George s s 21 spinner Holmfirth
Fred s s 15 finisher Banbury
Annie d s 12 Banbury
Willie Noble Head m 32 postman Honley
Betty wife m 36 Halifax
Mary d s 7 Slaithwaite
Sam s s 4 Saddleworth
Herbert s s 1 Thongsbridge
William Blacour boarder s 33 ?? Chester
Reuben Bretton Head m 44 Weaver Netherthong Miry Lane Bottom
Alice wife m 43 Thongsbridge
Tom s s 12 Thongsbridge
Joe Hinchliffe Head m 30 Weaver Upperthong
Harriet wife m 27 warper Scotland
Ellen Child s in law s 22 velvet cutter Oxford
George Child br in law s 12 Oxford
Joseph Settle Head m 46 stationary engineer Leeds Deanhouse
Emily wife m 36 Huddersfield
Annie d s 20 cotton tender Huddersfield
Edith d s 11 Huddersfield
Elsie d s 4 Netherthong
Joseph Bottomley Head s 69 farm servant Holme
William Hobson Head m 52 Weaver Honley
Sarah wife m 60 Upperthong
Harry s s 25 farmer Honley
John s s 20 finisher Honley
George s s 21 warp twister Honley
Wimpenny s s 14 piecer Honley
Harriet Senior Smith Head s 71 living on own means Thurstonland
William Dufton Head m 43 house painter Yorkshire
Ruth wife m 45 Netherthong
Harry s s 21 Fuller Huddersfield
Laura d s 20 Yarn comber Huddersfield
Willie s s 18 piecer Huddersfield
Eleanor d s 13 Huddersfield
Caroline Hobson Head w 45 Sussex
Jane d s 23 Weaver Upperthong
Samuel s s 20 woolen teaser Upperthong
Tom s s 18 finisher Upperthong
Arthur s s 14 piecer Upperthong
Percy s s 10 Honley
Beatrice d s 8 Honley
Lottie d s 5 Honley
John Armitage Head m 62 newsagent Netherthong
Sarepla wife m 65 Kirkburton
Sarah d s 36 winder Netherthong
Thomas s s 28 Weaver Netherthong
Helen g/d s 20 milliner Netherthong
Philip Stansfield Head w 40 Weaver Honley
Mary d s 16 cloth inker Honley
Gertrude d s 11 Honley
Amy d s 8 Honley
Ramsden Beaumont Head m 28 fulling miller Holmfirth
Annie wife m 30 New Mill
Arthur s s 5 New Mill
Walter s s 4 New Mill
Edith d s 1 Honley
Thomas Eastwood Head m 61 Weaver Honley
Ann wife m 42 Honley
Hannah Hinchliffe Head w 87 Honley
Harriet d s 61 Holmfirth
Edward Stansfield Head w 65 Innkeeper Lancashire
Mary Goddard d m 38 Inn waitress Honley
sarah Stansfield d s 36 dressmaker Honley
John Goddard g/s s 14 Honley
Ann Hoyle Head w 63 Netherthong
Emily Britton d m 36 warper Honley
Evelyn Britton g/d s 15 winder Honley
John Armitage Head m 34 dyers labourer Netherthong
Zilkah wife m 34 Wooldale
Norman s s 10 Netherthong
Edith d s 7 Honley
Annie d s 5 Honley
Albert Preston Head m 34 Weaver Honley
Alice wife m 32 Upperthong
Arthur s s 6 Upperthong
Harold s s 1 Honley
Godfrey Ricketts Head m 55 Weaver Netherthong
Mary wife m 49 New Mill
Fred s s 18 spinner Netherthong
Harry s s 18 piecer Netherthong
David s s 4 Netherthong
John Mallinson Head m 28 spinner Netherthong
Sarah wife m 29 comb feeder Holmfirth
Thomas Dufton Head m 23 stone mason lab. Huddersfield
Ellen Child wife m 21 Huddersfield
George s s <1m Honley
Barzilla Senior Head m 54 Weaver Denby Dale
Ann wife m 46 New Mill
Elizabeth Kenyon Head w 49 New Mill
John s s 22 Weaver Honley
Joshua s s 20 Weaver Netherthong
Alice d s 18 mender Netherthong
Herbert s s 18 piecer Netherthong
Florence d s 13 doffer Honley
Ethel d s 10 Honley
John Charlesworth Head m 33 farmer Fulstone
Alice wife m 31 Weaver Honley
Hannah Bottomley Head w 60 farmer Netherthong New Laithe Farm
Tom Wild servant s 23 cattleman Netherthong
Fred Bray servant s 20 cattleman Netherthong
John Moorhouse s in law m 33 farmer Netherthong
Clara Moorhouse d s 35 Netherthong
Lily Moorhouse g/d s 11 Netherthong
Ethel Moorhouse g/d s 9 Honley
John Moorhouse g/son s 4 Honley
Henry Moorhouse g/son s 6m Honley
Thomas Roebuck Head w 71 Weaver Almondbury Deanhouse
Rachel d s 50 Weaver Almondbury
Eliza d s 45 Weaver Almondbury
Luke s s 33 Weaver Almondbury
John Illingworth Head m 41 finisher Lockwood
Mary wife m 43 Bracebridge
Emily d s 17 finisher Netherthong
Bertha d s 14 cotton doffer Netherthong
Ellen d s 10 Netherthong
Elizabeth d s 4m Netherthong
Hugh Swallow Head m 29 Power loom tuner Netherthong
Frank s s 4 Honley
Tom Brook Head m 36 stone mason lab. New Mill
Mary wife m 34 mender Netherthong
Florence d s 8 Honley
Joe Mosley Head m 40 finisher Shelley
Janet wife m 35 Longwood
Thomas s s 14 piecer Berry Brow
Frederick s s 12 Honley
Violet d s 9 Huddersfield
Leonard s s 7 Netherthong
Annie d s 5 Netherthong
James s s 3 Netherthong
Hilda d s 1 Netherthong
Benjamin Lindley Head w 66 Weaver Cartworth
Sarah Lindley d s 28 twister Honley
George Senior s in law m 44 dyer Honley
Jane Senior sister m 43 Scholes
Joe Senior nephew s 15 grocers assistant Honley
Edith Senior niece s 10 Honley
Ben Senior nephew s 8 Honley
Gertrude Senior niece s 2 Honley
Joseph Swallow Head w 67 Power loom tuner Upperthong
Alice d s 39 Holmfirth
Ada d s 23 clothes inker Netherthong
Ellen d s 8 Netherthong
Hannah Dytch Head w 55 Honley
Sarah d s 22 knotter Honley
Arthur s s 17 shop assistant Honley
Joe s s 14 piecer Honley
Joseph Rusby Head m 49 road labourer Netherthong
Ann wife m 45 Holmfirth
Sam s s 22 stone sawyer Honley
Agnes Fitton Head w 43 Wooldale
Helena Woodhouse d m 23 mender Honley
Edwin Woodhouse s in law m 25 blacksmith Netherthong
Fred Castle Head m 77 retired weaver Scholes
Harriet wife m 80 Thurstonland
Fred Kenyon Head m 48 Weaver Netherthong
Emma wife m 47 Honley
Tom s s 20 scourer Honley
Mary d s 15 warp twister Honley
Catherine d s 13 Honley
George Hobson Head m 52 Weaver Honley
Amelia wife m 50 Honley
Martha d s 23 warp twister Honley
Sarah Hinchliffe Head s 37 mender Netherthong
Mary Seddon Head w 70 Cawthorne
Norman Haigh g/son s 14 piecer Wooldale
Mary Eleanor Haigh Head w 33 dressmaker Lockwood Dean Brook
Hubert s s 11 Brighouse
Agnes d s 9 Wooldale
John Moorhouse Head m 46 Weaver Netherthong
Mary wife m 45 Honley
Ellen d s 14 mender Honley
Fred s s 13 piecer Honley
Elsie d s 11 Honley
Ben s s 8 Honley
Thos.P.Taylor Head m 53 works manager Middlesex
Emma wife m 58 Kent
Joseph s s 26 dyer Middlesex
John s s 18 spinner Halifax
Sarah d s 16 cloth inker Halifax
Arthur s s 12 Halifax
Isabella Fleet? Head w 48 Thirsk
Thomas s s 17 gardener Thirsk
Lily d s 15 twister Thirsk
Ehel d s 11 Thirsk
Joseph Dickson Head m 34 overlooker Scotland
Elizabeth wife m 36 Scotland
Ronald s s 7 Marsden
Judith Mellor Head s 64 living on own means Netherthong The Hagg
Mary niece s 43 living on own means Holmfirth
Smith Littlewood Head m 43 Weaver Brockholes Hagg Lane
Mary wife m 46 Wooldale
Evelyn Eastwood step/d s 20 Weaver Honley
Ernest Littlewood s s 11 Honley
Wilfred s s 6 Honley
Denis s s 1 Honley
Joseph Hobson Head s 50 farm labourer Netherthong
James Lockwood Head m 46 cloth miller Holmfirth Hagg Leys
Mary wife m 40 Honley
Brook s s 18 Honley
Fred s s 13 Netherthong
Albert s s 11 Netherthong
Norman s s 9 Netherthong
Willie s s 7 Netherthong
Kenyon s s 1 Netherthong
Joe Charlesworth Head m 33 Carder Netherthong Hagg Farm
Emily wife m 34 Farnley Tyas
Evelyn d s 7 Honley
Ida d s 6 Honley
Harold s s 3 Thurstonland
Bertha d s 9m Honley
Joe Barley Head m 35 spinner Wooldale
Sarah wife m 33 Crosland
Norman s s 5 Thurstonland
Tom Beaumont Head m 35 finisher Upperthong
Annie wife m 32 Netherthong
Emma d s 12 Honley
Lewis s s 6 Netherthong
Harry s s 3 Netherthong
Nellie d s 1 Netherthong
Ethel s s 2m Netherthong
David Swallow Head m 34 Teamer Holmfirth
Ada wife m 34 Boston Spa
Henry s s 10 Holmfirth
Norman s s 8 Honley
James Adamson Head m 71 Sheffield
Rebecca wife m 68 Honley
John Lee b in law s 63 farm labourer Farnley Tyas
Jonathan Wood Head m 61 farmer Cartworth
Sarah wife m 61 Cartworth
Mary d s 34 Cartworth
Joseph d s 26 farmers son Cartworth
Herbert s s 20 Hepworth
Levi Battye servant s 22 farm labourer Hepworth
George Robinson Head m 48 farmer Leeds New Hagg
Hannah wife m 51 Shepley
Sarah d s 25 Shepley
John s s 24 Teamer Ackworth
Elizabeth d s 22 rag sorter Ackworth
Jane d s 21 Thurstonland
Alfred s s 16 farmers son Dalton
William s s 14 finisher Dalton
George s s 11 Honley
Mary s s 9 Honley
John Pennington Head m 52 farmer Cheshire Oldfield House
Judith wife m 54 Barnsley
Marion d s 18 Shepley
John s s 14 Durham
Ida d s 13 Durham
Frederick Hadfield Head m 45 inn keeper Derby Oldfield Star of Day Inn
Lucy wife m 40 Birkenshaw
James Bywell s s 18 inn waiter Barnsley
Gilbert s s 12 York
Hilda d s 9 York
Ann Pickles mother w 72 living on own means Birkenshaw
Charles Allkins f in law w 65 Notts
Walker Dyson Head m 58 farmer Thongsbridge Oldfield
Emma wife m 58 Holmfirth
Selina d s 32 wool comber Holmfirth
Martha d s 27 twister Honley
Hildred s s 24 farmers son Honley
William s s 20 finisher Honley
Annie Fisher Head w 40 Honley Lower Oldfield
John s s 18 dyer Honley
Annie d s 16 winder Honley
Lily d s 13 rag sorter Huddersfield
Arthur s s 11 Huddersfield
Amy d s 4 Honley
Mary d s 2 Honley
Richard Eastwood Head m 38 road labourer Huddersfield
Emma wife m 34 Honley
Eva d s 12 Honley
Nelly d s 8 Honley
Martha d s 6 Honley
Mabel d s 2 Honley
Ida Rothery boarder s 2m Honley
James Smith Head m 33 corn miller labourer Lincs
Emily wife m 35 Honley
Florence d s 16 tickler Honley
Alice d s 13 worsted doffer Honley
Luther s s 13 Honley
Clara d s 11 Honley
Ivy d s 5 Honley
Annie d s 2 Honley
Mary d s 5m Honley
Edward Coldwell Head w 57 Weaver Honley
Ellen d s 26 Honley
Eliza d s 23 winder Honley
Elizabeth d s 18 mixer Honley
Woodhouse s s 15 finisher Honley
Annie d s 15 spinner Honley
Rebecca Charlesworth Head w 73 Penistone
Mary d s 35 Fulstone
?? s s 30 scourer Fulstone
John Fawcett Head m 50 Weaver Brockholes
Janet wife m 44 Honley
Allen s s 23 Weaver Honley
John s s 19 twister Honley
Willie s s 17 wood sawyer Honley
Joe s s 16 finisher Honley
Emma d s 6 Honley
William Platt Head m 81 living on own means Netherthong
Martha wife m 81 Thurstonland
Alfred Littlewood Head m 49 Weaver Honley
Alice d s 29 reeler Honley
Julie d s 22 winder Honley
Sykes s s 18 twister Honley
Ruby d s 15 Honley
Maggie d s 13 Honley
Frank Litlewood Head m 25 twister S.Crosland
Priscilla wife m 26 S.Crosland
Nellie d s 4 S.Crosland
Annie s s 2 S.Crosland
Arthur s s 1m Honley
Harry Roebuck Head m 33 wood turner Almondbury
Emeline wife m 39 Almondbury
Fred s s 6 Almondbury
Wilfred Farrand Head m 29 brush maker Honley
Mary wife m 28 laundry hand Honley
Lily d s 4 Honley
Ruby d s 3 Honley
Samuel Farrand Head m 43 masons labourer Honley
Ambrosine wife m 44 Netherton
Ada d s 18 tenter Honley
William s s 16 finisher Honley
Florrie d s 16 cotton ticketer Honley
Martha d s 13 spinner Honley
Hilda d s 9 Honley
Noble Graham Head m 21 teamster Thongsbridge
Tiriza ?? wife m 22 Honley
Ethel d s 6m Thongsbridge
Emma Wimpenny Head w 50 grocer New Mill
Herbert s m 26 farmer Netherthong
Mary d in law m 21 Honley
Doris g/d s 1 Honley
Henry Graham Head m 61 farmer Denby Dale
Martha wife m 58 Honley
John Kenyon Head m 51 hawker in small wares Netherthong
Sarah wife m 41 S.Crosland
Elizabeth d s 22 winder Honley
Sarah d s 17 spinner Honley
Jim Hinchliffe Head w 65 farm labourer Honley
Ruth Headon d m 37 winder Honley
Mary g/d s 5 Honley
Margaret g/d s ?? Honley
Fred Graham Head m 29 farm labourer Honley
Ethel wife m 23 Barnsley
Jane Carter Head s 53 living on own means Honley
Beaumont Eastwood Head s 49 barrel cooper Almondbury
Ann Battye Head w 63 grocer Netherthong
Edwin s s 26 teamster Netherthong
Ann Littlewood Head s 47 living on own means Netherthong Mid Oldfield
Joseph Garner Head m 36 mill mechanic Paddock
Martha wife m 38 mender Netherthong
John Crowther f in law w 63 finisher Meltham
Sarah Crowther d in law s 19 mender Netherthong
Eliza Boothroyd Head w 61 living on own means Meltham
Abraham Littlewood Head s 50 farmer Honley
Joshua Sykes Head w 66 farmer Netherthong
Hannah Brown sister w 57 Netherthong
William Shaw Head m 44 farmer Norfolk
Sarah wife m 37 Norfolk
Alice d s 20 tenter Norfolk
Elsie d s 18 bobbin ticketeer Norfolk
William s s 18 Ale bottler Norfolk
Hannah d s 16 bobbin ticketeer Norfolk
Arthur s s 15 piecer Norfolk
Emma d s 14 bobbin ticketeer Norfolk
George s s 6 Norfolk
Fred s s 2 Honley
Albert Brook Head m 49 fettler Honley
Annie wife m 48 Netherthong
Mary d s 25 cloth inker Netherthong
Emily d s 15 cotton cleaner Netherthong
Sarah d s 7 Netherthong
John Stott Head m 34 Weaver Netherthong
Ellen wife m 34 minder Meltham
Wright s s 13 piecer Meltham
Harry d s 12 Meltham
Nancy mother w 71 Netherthong
Sam brother s 29 Netherthong
John Barrowclough Head m 49 piecer Holmfirth Upper Oldfield
Hannah wife m 50 Holmfirth
Ellen d s 30 mender Holmfirth
Herman s s 11 Hepworth
Eveline d s 9 Hepworth
David Roberts f in law w 82 retired weaver Holmfirth
Rowland Meal Head m 41 spinner Marsden
Ada wife m 39 Slaithwaite
Fred s s 15 finisher Slaithwaite
Annie d s 13 Slaithwaite
James Earnshaw uncle w 72 ret. Railway guard Meltham
Ida Squires visitor s 4 Dewsbury
Fred Whitley Head m 20 Quarryman Linthwaite
Annie wife m 20 rag sorter Linthwaite
Mozart Smith Head m 31 scourer Honley Forest Cottages
Lydia wife m 27 Weaver Honley
Mary d s 4 Honley
John Winter Head m 33 scourer Honley
Mary wife m 39 Honley
Mary Brook m in law w 78 Holmfirth
Benjamin Lockwood Head w 78 farm labourer Holmfirth
Tom Taylor Head m 54 farmer Meltham Moorfield House
Elizabeth wife m 51 Honley
Annie d s 24 drapers assistant Lancashire
Esward s s 16 farmers son Derby
Joseph s s 13 dyer Derby
Joe Buckley Head m 52 Weaver Thongsbridge Deanhouse
Mary wife m 57 Honley
James s s 28 Moulder Netherthong
Alfred s s 25 finisher Netherthong
Herbert Brierley nephew s 19 dyer Netherthong
Charles Brierley nephew s 18 scourer Netherthong
Elizabeth Shore Head w 65 farmer Thongsbridge Deanhouse Mills
Edwin Broadbent s in law m 42 engineer Honley
Sarah Broadbent d m 36 Lancashire
Lizzie Broadbent g/d s 10 Honley
Lucy Broadbent g/d s 6 Honley
Charles Gill servant s 25 farm labourer Netherthong

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