Netherthongs WW1 heroes and the location of their various Rolls of Honour

There are  eight War Memorials and Rolls of Honour ( ROH ) commemorating the young men of the district , who fought in World War 1. Six of them list the names of those who gave their lives, and two include the names of those who fought and survived. Details are given  below. ( For details of the individual soldiers, please see the appropriate chapters on World War 1 ).

  1. The Netherthong War Memorial, R.O.H. , which has the names of 41 heroes from Netherthong and Thongsbridge,  is located in the centre of the village opposite the Parish Church.  

2. Thirty names, including two not on the village ROH, are on  Plaque 5 on the large Memorial in the grounds of Holmfirth Hospital. 

3. Seventeen names were on a plaque in the Working Men’s clubhouse, which was located in St. Annes Square at the top of Outlane. Unfortunately the whereabouts of this plaque is currently unknown.( January 2019)

4. Six names appeared on the plaque in St.Andrew’s Church in Thongsbridge and,  when the church was closed,  the plaque was saved and found a new home in Holmfirth Parish Church.

5. Five names appear on a ROH on a metal plate on  the wall of what was the premises of R.L.Brook in Thongsbridge.

6. Six names  appear on the ROH in Huddersfield Drill Hall. They were soldiers who served in the Duke of Wellington’s Regiment.

7. There are 27 names on the United Methodist Church ROH, which has been located on the left hand wall in the Parish Church since the Chapel closed in 1984-85 and became a private residence. This ROH contains the names of seven soldiers who made the supreme sacrifice with the remainder being soldiers who fought and survived. 

Name Village ROH WMC Plaque 5 Saint Andrews Huddersfield Drill Hall Methodist Parish Church Thongsbridge
Irvin Barrowclough Yes Yes
Lewis Beaumont Yes Yes Yes
George H. Booth Yes
Clarence Brackenburg Yes
Harold Brackenburg Yes Yes Yes
George Bradley Yes Yes Yes Yes
George Bray Yes Yes Yes
Walter Bray Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Leonard Buckley Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Harry Charlesworth Yes Yes
George Child Yes
George Durrant Yes
Norman Fisher Yes Yes Yes
Cecil P. Floyd Yes
Robert Froggatt Yes Yes
Stanley Gill Yes Yes Yes
George Gledhill Yes Yes Yes
Andrew Greenwood Yes
William Haigh Yes Yes Yes Yes
Luther Hellawell Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fred Hill Yes Yes Yes
Hubert ( Herbert ) Hobson Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
John Hoyle Yes Yes Yes Yes
George Kaye Yes Yes
Matthew Lockwood Yes
Arthur Quarmby Yes Yes
Norman Ricketts Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ben Roebuck Yes Yes Yes Yes
Brook Sanderson Yes Yes
Abel Scholfield Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ben Senior Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Clemence Shaw Yes Yes Yes
Fred Shaw Yes Yes
Edward Smith Yes Yes Yes
Frank Swallow Yes Yes Yes Yes
Edgar Taylor Yes Yes Yes Yes
John Webster Yes Yes Yes Yes
Arthur Whitely Yes
David Wilkinson Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
C.( Charlie ) Woodhead Yes Yes Yes Yes
J.( Joseph ) Worsley Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Arthur Heeley Yes Yes Yes
Harold Heeley Yes Yes Yes Yes
Thomas Roger Booth Yes
Fred Hirst Yes


Methodist Church ROH


Methodist Church ROH

8. There are 114 names on a framed ROH in the Parish Church  and it gives the rank, regiment and date joined for each of the soldiers.  23 of these names are on the main War Memorial, the remainder being soldiers who fought and survived. Unfortunately it was both difficult to photograph as well as being too large to get into one picture.

Parish Church ROH


Parish Church ROH


Parish Church ROH


Parish Church ROH


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