Charles Arthur Hudson – WW1 survivor

Charles Arthur Hudson was a Netherthong lad, who enlisted in 1914 to serve his country and was fortunate to survive the horrors. He is listed in my “Chapter, Details of soldiers who fought and survived WW1”, with what few details I was able to find.
He was born on 10/11/1894 and was baptised  on 06/01/1895 in All Saints Parish Church and his parents were John Henry and Ann,  who lived in the village. His father was a cloth finisher. He attended the village school and, like many of his friends ,he became a scout in the Netherthong troop.  His name appears in a list of soldiers in the Holmfirth Express Roll of Honour (ROH), issued January 9 1915, as serving in the Army. In the framed Roll of Honour in the Parish Church, he is listed as a Private in the 9th. Battalion of the Duke of Wellington regiment with his enlistment date given as October 17,1914.

, In the baptismal records for all Saints’ Church, his Christian names are given as Charles Albert and not Charles Arthur. His birth date appears correct as it tallies with him giving his age as 20 years when he enlisted. He did have an older brother, Harry, who was born on 17/05/88 and in the 1891 Census Harry is listed as being two years old. The baptismal records give another brother, Willie, who was born on 12/12/84, but who was not included in that Census.The same baptismal records show that his father, John Henry was born on 02/07/1860 but was not baptised until much later on 25/07/1869. His parents were John and Mary, who lived in Thongsbridge, and they would have been Charles grandparents.

photograph of Charles Hudson courtesy of Tim Parsons – August 2019
Full size render from Holmfirth Express – supplied by Paul Sims

I received the first photograph of Charles from Tim Parsons in August 2019 and he also sent a number of certificates and forms relating to Charles enlistment , service and discharge from the army. Unfortunately they were very badly damaged and, as can be seen in the images below, large portions are illegible. However they are important documents, as they would have applied not just to Charles and all his friends in village but to all the soldiers who enlisted in WW1. I have augmented the details by extracting additional information from Google.

Image 1. The form above is the Short Service Attestation and it was introduced by Lord Kitchener in 1914 under which a man could serve for three years or the duration of the war, whichever was the longer. This was instead of the 12 years of service normally demanded when joining the army.

You can make out the list of questions –
1. What is your name ? – Charles Albert Hudson
2. What is your address ? – ?? Netherthong
3. Are you a British Subject ?, -Yes
4. What is your age – 20 years 7 months,,
5. What is your Trade or Calling, – ??
6. Are you married, – No
7.Have you ever served in the Forces, – No
8. Are you willing to be vaccinated or re-vaccinated? Yes
9. Are you willing to be enlisted for General Service.? Yes
10.Did you receive a notice …?
11. Are you prepared to serve upon the following conditions…

signed by Charles Albert Hudson.
Image 2.
Image 4. Record of promotions, reductions,transfers etc. during active service. Awarded Military Medal 1916. Transferred to Class “Z” Army Reserve on Demobilisation, Date 3-4-1919.
Image 5. Form – With reference to your application stating you have lost your discharge certificate. I am to request that you state overleaf the circumstances as under which the Certificate….. On receipt of your declaration , the question of replacing the Certificate or book will be considered. The declaration must be made before one of His Majesty’s Justice of the Peace ….. and returned to me when it is completed. It was signed by Officer I/c Records.
Image 6. The reverse side of the form in Image 5. and is his declaration. I sincerely declare that I have lost my Discharge Certificate. It got destroyed among some more old papers on October 17, 1937. Signed by Charles Hudson, present age 44, place of birth Netherthong, present address Upper George St. Huddersfield. Signed in the presence of Commissioner of Oaths on August 1939 in Huddersfield.
Image 7.
Image 8. Army Form B5112, Forwarding of accompanying medals and a request to complete receipt and return card. Signed by Hudson on March 11th. 1921.
Image 9. Dispersal Certificate ( Soldier ).
Image 10. Military History Sheet. Listing his Campaign Medals. Awarded Military Medal on 21/10/16. 1914/15 Star.
Image 11. Certificate of Medical Examination.

A search on Google shows that there were over 1100 Army Forms.

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