In 1920  the Netherthong Working Mens’ Club, which had its own snooker/billiard table, entered a team in the Holme Valley League. There were 13 teams and, at the end of the season, which ran from November 1920 to February 1921, they achieved the dubious distinction of playing  20 matches  without winning a single one. This was in spite of them receiving a favourable handicap.The format was that each team played four games at home and four games away against the same club, and that constituted a match. The winner of each game was the first one to score 120 points but the match was decided on the overall score count.

 In the last game of the season, they played Wooldale WMC.  Wooldale ( received 50 ) beat Netherthong ( received 150 ) by 998 points to 746. The Netherthong players were ; A.Bailey, G.Charlesworth, A.Buckley,  J.Shore, H.Swallow, G.Ricketts, F.Harper.

October 1921 saw the opening of the new season of the League  with 12 teams. Netherthong’s first match was against Wooldale WMC and Wooldale ( scratch ) beat Netherthong ( received 100 points ) by 957 to 915. The  players were H.Swallow, M.Mallinson, F.Harper, J.Shore, H.Ricketts and A. Preston.

 After six matches, Netherthong  finally achieved a win against Hepworth Institute and followed this up by winning against Brockholes.  By the end of January 1922 Netherthong were 10th. out of 12 having played 9 and losing 7.

 When the details for the new season, 1923-24, of the Holme Valley Billiards League appeared in the Express,the  Netherthong WMC were no longer listed  but no explanation was given for its withdrawal. I’ve yet to find any more information.

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