Sporting activities in the village.


   From the middle of the 1800s,  the inhabitants of Netherthong were involved in many sporting activities and its teams played in various local leagues.  They played cricket, rugby football , association football, darts, billiards, tennis and hunted with the hounds. Individuals would have taken part in road running and fell racing. Fishing would have been an obvious pastime.

The main and often the only source of information was the local newspaper and it had the annoying habit of reporting on a sporting activity for part of the season and then stopping. This meant that at times it omitted to include  the final league tables.

What I have decided to do is to give each of the sports/activities its own chapter to make it easier for anyone wanting to access a specific sport.

In August 1973,  people representing all sections of life in the village were among the 35 residents who attended the 1st. annual general meeting of the Netherthong Sports Club. Mr. P. Tempest welcomed them all and emphasised that the sports club enterprise was designed as a genuine community project.  The following were elected – Chairman – Mr.Irvin Wood. Vice- chairman – Mr. Stan Dickenson, Secretary – Mr. Stefan Zatorski, Club captain – Derek Scholfield,  Team captain – Alan Dobson. Ashley Jackson, Raymond Earnshaw, Peter Ball, Cllr. Walter Carter and the Rev. J. Capstick accepted nominations as club patrons